WeWork and Elevation Academy: Educating Our Future Workforce

Israel is the start-up nation, rife with opportunities for those with the skills. And as more multinationals and startups open the doors to their R&D centers in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jerusalem, and the other burgeoning tech centers of the country, they will be looking for personnel to fill their jobs. Where will they find them?

While ”university” is one answer, another is Elevation Academy — a Tel Aviv-based institution that offers courses on the skills that companies are looking for. The courses we offer — from marketing to coding to data to product management — are exactly what companies like Facebook, Google, IronSource, SimilarWeb, and others (all companies are involved in our courses) are looking for. For our contribution to the Israeli tech ecosystem, WeWork has awarded us a Creator Award.

Elevation Academy is a contemporary industry-based educational ecosystem. We believe that continuous learning is the key to professional and personal growth in the dynamic, highly-demanding 21st century job market. To accomplish that, we offer practical, cutting-edge training for today’s most in-demand skills. We match our students with the best opportunities, industry experts and practical hands-on experience, in order to help them fulfill their vision, believe in themselves, and build the career path that best suits them.

WeWork’s Creator Awards are all about acknowledging those who give back to the community — and that defines what Elevation Academy does. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on creating opportunities for a wide range of socio-demographics. Through scholarship programs, partnerships with brands like Google, SNC, JP Morgan and more, we’ve been able to work with, train and help people that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to build a new career path to the Israeli high tech. Hopefully, the skills they learn at our courses will help them to create the life they want for themselves.

One of the important aspects of receiving a Creator Award is the attendant publicity and attention that being singled out by a worldwide company brings. That exposure has helped us reach new audiences and attract new collaborations. Our approach and mission is different from other tech academies, and the attention generated by the award has given us a great opportunity to show those differences off.

Being recognized by WeWork Creator Awards helped shine a spotlight on Elevation Academy, and has helped make those differences clearer to other members of our community, as well. For us, receiving the award was very flattering and humbling. We’ve been working hard to make sure that Elevation Academy provides real value to its students and its community. It’s been our primary focus from day one. Changing people’s lives through education. For us, the award was kind of a stamp of approval, knowing that our hard work is bearing fruit, and that the world can see what it is that we do. For that, we thank our team, our speakers and teachers, the WeWork Hazerem team, and of course our alumni and current students who have trusted us with their career.

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Avi Snir is the Founder and CEO at Elevation Academy, an entrepreneur, father, husband, and believer.

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Avi Snir is the founder and CEO at Elevation Academy, an entrepreneur, father, husband, and believer.
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