What does not kill you makes you fat.

Where I come from this is an old Afrikaans saying.

Operation protective edge rumbles on and another 16,000 reserve troops are called up. We see an outpouring of goodwill from every household in Israel. Parcels of sweets, underwear, socks and every type of cooked food imaginable finds its way down south to the border. One innovative guy even built a portable shower to allow the dusty men to revive their weary bodies. 

The soldiers congregate, waiting for the order to cross the border and face an uncertain future protecting their country.

The long hours of sitting around waiting and eating all those goodies gives a new meaning to the saying ” what does not kill you makes you fat”.

About the Author
Ilan Hirschowitz was born in South Africa and now lives in the Sharon area, where he works as a Software Engineer for a large international software company.
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