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What if Iran becomes a Nuclear Power?

While prolonged talks on the Iranian issue lasts, prominent Israeli leaders like Netanyahu and Bennett are seemingly worried. Particularly the latest developments towards a draft agreement between P5+1 and Iran, led the leaders to a more assertive position on case. Meanwhile the Knesset elections approaching, mostly Netanyahu was accused of populist speeches and trying to get points from this “political capital”. So, obviously, there is a need of a realist understanding when we are discussing the Iranian case.

Cold war experience presented us that nuclear powers do not prefer warring with nuclear bombs. Only one usage in history, caused the WWII terminated, used as a “strategic message” to the rest. After all, throughout the cold war years, especially on Cuban case, showed that nuclear bombs (if so many states have) are means of balance, dramatically so-called;  balance of terror. With keeping these datas in mind, let me ask again: what if Iran becomes a nuclear power?

My exact response is laid upon the history briefly mentioned above. So, if Iran becomes a nuclear power state, there would be a new balance between Israel and Iran and may award them as hegemonic leaders in a two-folded hierarchical regional order. Unlike the nationally&regionally functional antisemitic speeches of some Iranian leaders, annihilation of any state with nuclear bombs would lead a total destruction of all states, could not be limited to a regional one in this period of history.

So, now, let us protect our minds from the irrational calculations of political leaders.

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