What if you held a security conference and nobody came?

To begin, I’m a supporter of Israel from the USA. Today Israel represents the finest example of a workable democratic government, an industrious people from many walks and faiths and is in most ways the way my country used to be. I like many, many Americans am ashamed of the conduct of my government, the US-based mainstream media and the cadre of talking empty-heads. These op-ed lecturers dominate an entertainment format broadcast band that is long on dramatics and very short on facts when reporting, if that’s what you can call it about Israel. You would think that the majority of Americans were ready to abandon Israel in its Alamo-like stand against an overwhelmingly hostile world. Not so. Rank and file, real Americans respect, admire and fully support Israel’s firm stance for its independence, right to exist and the straight-shooting Prime Minister,Mr. Netanyahu. There. I said it and I’m glad.

The outgoing Attorney General has announced that a worldwide conference on ant-terrorist security will be held at Stanford University in February. I know that Al Quaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and The Caliphate are shaking in their shoes. Be afraid, be very afraid, we’re hosting a conference. And we will sit by the campfire share hugs and sing Kumbaya too. By the way it is currently described as a cyber-security and consumer protection conference.

Sorry to be so sarcastic but sometimes it beats ranting and raving on the web. Right now if you really work to find out what’s really going on in the Near East you might burst out laughing at the idea that a conference on what is a war against every notion of civilization we hold dear will do anything other than generate words and more words and more and more remarks and criticism from malcontents like me (and you, I hope). The Caliphate continues to gain territory and recruits and we talk and talk and never say anything that might offend our “moderate terrorist” allies whom we will arm and train over the next two years. In two years The Caliph will be sitting in the Oval Office and sipping a latte or two.

Israel, you need to know that we will stick by you. Friends, let’s show we mean business with what we can do. One way to drown out the anti-Israel forces is to firm up vocal and social media support for Israel. Start a Facebook or Twitter page and post well-written and well thought-out posts. Spell check, fact check, overwhelm with truth. Next, subscribe to legitimate support Israel sites and get email updates. Email or post support on Israeli sites, tell them what you think. You’ll be surprised how many of us there are.

Now it’s time to back up our words with action. Israel is “Start-up Nation”. When you’re small and full of highly intelligent people one of your chief products is innovation and ideas that work. Invest in Israel. Put your money where your heart is. One excellent resource for Israeli investments is EDI Israel Investments (http://www.edi-israelinvestments.com/). Working with an Israeli-based firm is the best way to get to know the amazing world of Israel’s business sector, the depth of which is astounding as well as productive and profitable.

Donating to Israel’s many philanthropic NGO’s is another. Israel is small country, slightly over 8 million people of all kinds and callings and worthy charities provide services for those in need. Check them out online and see who is in charge and how much of your donation goes into direct support (something you should do before making a donation to any charity, by the way )

Schedule a tour with an Israeli travel bureau. You are as safe or safer in Israel than in NYC, London, Paris or Chicago (highest murder rate in the USA and with strictest anti-gun ownership laws). You will be welcome as well. There is only one Israel, one Jerusalem and one place in the Near East where you will be allowed to worship on the day you do traditionally. Sunday isn’t a very big day in Saudi Arabia and don’t get caught driving there if you are female or anyone can see more than your eyes.

Last but critical is to buy something Israeli. If you can’t afford to invest, or travel the you can still make an impact. Many Israeli businesses have online stores. Yes, there is an eBay Israel channel but small vendors have online catalogs of remarkable and unique gifts, art, Kosher foods and wearable art that not only help you show you support Israel but are a delight to own, show and even eat (the chocolate is above and beyond the mass produced stuff we eat here in the USA). I have been friends with the good people at and buy what I can whenever I can. On my desk is a souvenir package of water from the Jordan, soil from Israel and other solid reminders of a Land I have come to respect, admire and love from an Ocean or two away.

I know it will never happen, but if hypothetically Israel ever fell, the only “arsenal of democracy” as the USA was once called will be gone. The tsunami of raging 7th century Islam will overwhelm a world that cannot support its own weight in intellect and ideas. Pan Islam, a concept ages old will envelope a helpless globe with its 7th century brutality in a world that has lost a leader.

So, what if you held a security conference and no one came? What about all those box lunches we ordered? Oh well, what’s next on today’s calendar?

About the Author
Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for http://www.thejerusalemgiftshop.com/israelnews/?s=Tom+Brennan http://www.bibleinteract.com http://www.bibleinteract.tv