What is Apartheid and What is this BDS?

For a long time I’ve been bothered by two things (among all the other hundreds that usually bother me). The claim that Israel is an Apartheid state and the sanctions the BDS is trying to affect upon the state.

To me the entire process of the BDS’s boycott seems a little insane. It’s calling a cow “A small feathered biped” and claiming that because of it has feathers it shouldn’t be allowed to receive food.

That was and allegory to just to point of how ludicrous I find the claim.

Calling Israel an Apartheid State is a false accusation.

So what is Apartheid? it is a noun: apartheid

  • (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.
  • segregation on grounds other than race; “sexual apartheid”

Origin: 1940s: Afrikaans, literally ‘separateness,’ from Dutch apart ‘separate’ + -heid (equivalent of -hood).

That is the dictionary definition of Apartheid.

Apartheid is a system that many who have watched movies or news reels dated before the 1970’s may be familiar with, it’s a system in which one group, in this case Whites, have more rights than another part of the population, in this case Blacks because of their skin color.

A good example of this would be segregated classes, which existed in the US until all legally-enforced public segregation was abolished by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

1964 incidentally was also the year that saw the  “founding” of the “Palestinian people” and the Palestinian National Charter. A charter which calls for Israels dismissal in the international community… A form of Apartheid.

Other examples would be the separate washroom facilities, separate hospitals and preferred treatment based on color. All this, in the USA. Another example would be from the very home of the word Apartheid, South Africa where Apartheid laws were only repealed in 1994. less than 20 years ago.

In its Declaration of Independence in 1948 Israel specifies the equal treatment and rights of its Jewish and non Jewish citizens.

That’s right, Israel was not segregated and has never been segregated.

As of the writing of this article in 2016 there are 0 laws that have been passed by the Israeli Government limiting its own Citizens or anyone with Israeli Citizenship from doing anything based on race, creed or religion.

There are Muslim Arab representatives in Israels Supreme Court, Police force, Army and Government.

Most of these claims of apartheid come from outside Israel. These are claims that originate at the UN and have no evidence to be based upon.

These claims are so constant and so common that Israel has had a special committee set up to judge it’s actions and has had a law passed in the UN that Israel must be brought up at least once per meeting. More resolutions have been passed against Israel than any other country. At a ratio of 77:1 in the case of Israel and Gaza in resolutions.

This catchy song by Ari Lesser helps explain what an Apartheid state is with his song Israel Apartheid

Along with the claims of Apartheid come attempts to boycott israel, most famously by the organization known as the BDS, frequented by BDS-holes, or at least that is what I refer to them.

The BDS is a racist, slanderous organization intent on creating economic pressure on the state of Israel by forcing boycotts, divestment and sanctions onto the state.

They’re most often found on the college campus, pressuring the faculty into expressing support for the boycott against Israel or at the very least intimidating said faculty into silence.

These BDS-Holes have proven to be a real pain in the neck to Israels efforts to start any dialogue with any academic institution as well as throwing stones in the path of peaceful negotiations by refusing to let Israeli or Israeli supporting individuals to appear, speak or act in any way that does not condemn Israel.

Another song about boycotting by the artist Ari Lesser about Boycotting and the insane double standard that exists titled Boycott Israel.

About the Author
Yochanan Brody, 23, was born and raised in Israel to immigrant parents. He is a collector of antiques and oddities, a massive bibliophile and an amateur historian.
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