Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

What the Israeli army is really like (video)

I’m so tired of the media’s relentless attack on our army, which is the most humane and civilized army in the world.

The most wonderful thing about the Israeli army is the genuine feeling of camaraderie that exists there even though any random group of soldiers could be made up of people of all colors, languages and backgrounds.

There is genuine human bonding in its best form because we leave most our self-interest affairs behind once we put on that uniform. So it’s a natural place to bring out the best of everyone.

This video is a great example. Rafael is a talented opera singer who recently immigrated to Israel and joined the IDF reserves. I’m surprised this video only got 100 shares because it’s truly touching and entertaining! Only 3k views – we can do so much better for this talented soldier in our ranks.

I hope you will share it and help it go all around the world so people can see the true nature of the IDF.

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Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.
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