What will it take?

The violent and utterly predictable actions of yet more followers of Islam have now reached one of the farthest points of the globe – Sydney, Australia.

Australia has, for approximately 60 years, been revered as a choice destination for English-speaking gentiles to begin a new, far more provident and freedom-orientated life than the nation they leave behind, full of opportunity, a stable economy, world-renowned high standard of living and, above all, peace and quiet.

This has now come into question, with this week’s hostage taking by Muslims – let’s not call them what the mainstream media calls them ‘Islamic Extremists” – lets call them Muslims, for these followers of Mohammed are simply carrying out what they are commanded to do by the writings in the book they follow.

The Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place has been on lockdown for some time now, with this being Australia’s first glimpse at what has been happening on a widespread level in Europe and North America for several years – indeed ever since the Western world started interfering with normal society by flooding it with millions of third world immigrants with a Koran-inspired will to remove all Western aspects from all nations and replace them with Sharia Law, poverty, violence, totalitarianism and instability, helped along by armies of middle-class, latte-drinking leftists who show so much disdain for the very free society that they enjoy, that they are joining the Muslims in supporting its destruction.

I suppose the Europeans will now tell us that this siege in Australia is not to do with Islam, because of course, Islam is wonderful and cannot be criticized. Islam is wonderful and has brought us ‘diversity and color’. They will instead likely state that, although thousands of miles away, this is because of land, or occupation, or some other non-existent nonsense that seems to endlessly pre-occupy their tiny left wing minds.

They will probably tell us that this is not to do with Islam and that the world should embrace the vile filth that is Mohammedanism

I am in receipt of a letter from the British Prime Minister’s office following my demand to know what the British government is going to do about the tens of thousands of violent Muslims which took to the streets of London in the summer of 2014 to call for the death to all Jews and eradication of Israel. The letter says that the British government is committed to ending the ‘occupation’ and infers that we infidels deserve what we get. There you have a government which does not understand world affairs, given that Gaza is not occupied by anyone other than Hamas, and that Islam states that all other people should be killed unless they live by Sharia law.

The media, which across the globe has embraced Islam wholeheartedly, has adopted titles to describe the recent event in Australia, such as “siege in cafe which is being held by gunman” rather than “Muslim wants to kill Sydney residents” in the same vein as the Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank recently who intentionally killed a baby by running the stroller over with a car which prompted the news title “Israeli Police Officer shoots Palestinian in West Bank” rather than “Muslim terrorist kills baby on purpose”

One Australian politician has explained, quite rightly, that part of the ideology behind these brutal acts such as the one being conducted in Sydney is to “scare people out of being themselves.” He is right, Europeans who are used to a state-sponsored lifestyle, even those with high salaries, and whose boss is the government have given up thinking for themselves and given up understanding what is right and wrong, instead fearing being branded something ‘illiberal’ and thus go along with these atrocities. Australia, hopefully, is more of a master of its own destiny, as is Israel.

At least our Police and Army patrol the outside of the country and dispose of foreign ne’erdowells that mean us harm. This is what makes Israel such a safe country to live in.

When is the Western world going to start to understand that Mohammedanism is the single most evil, primitive and dangerously violent cancer on earth?

What will it take? The Queen of England to be beheaded for being an infidel? Samantha Cameron to be raped for being an infidel, like the thousands of white girls across northern UK and parts of Canada that are being raped on a regular basis by Muslim gangs whilst their parents sit at home in silence instead of doing something about it for fear of being labeled a racist (thus making the rape of their own daughters by Muslim filth less important than being called a racist in the absurd west)?

Will it take Stephen Harper to actually be assassinated, rather than the poor Canadian guard whose life ended at the end of a Muslim bullet recently?

Will it take the total destablization of western nations by improvident, violent, destructive Muslims whose way of life has added nothing to society since it was introduced 990 years ago? Will it take the streets of Paris, London, NY and Sydney to look like Damascus or Tunis? Will it take western families starving and being subjected to the brutalities of Sharia law by their Muslim superiors?

Will it take total universal illiteracy and continental demise? Or will it take wholesale beheading of entire populations?

You fools in the West- You invited this cancer into your lands, and instead of giving it a good dose of widespread chemotherapy, are protecting it with all the promotion to government positions, revering its stone-age culture and misunderstanding it. The British Prime Minister even stated, following the broad daylight beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby “This was not to do with Islam” when the culprit shouted Allahu Akhbar whilst hacking the soldier’s head off.

The conclusion I can draw is that so deep is the self-hate among the secular western gentiles that they are embracing Mohammedanism as the exact mechanism to destroy the western society that they have benefited from. Looking at some of the comments on newspaper articles relating to recent incidents in Syria involving hostages who have had their heads removed, or threats to blow up parts of London, many have said that it is time something is done to stem this global cult of death and destruction.

The comments are different when it comes to Israel being the only nation in the world which stands up to the cowardice of Islam and protects its citizens with unfailing zeal – in these circumstances, those latte-drinking liberals will pillory our astute and far more advanced security service for understanding what is not just a peripheral problem, but a global one. The difference is that here at home we don’t have to live with an enemy within the nation and are safe in knowing that our neighbors, childrens classmates, colleagues and acquaintances are the same as us, with the same ideology and lifestyle.

In Europe, America and now Australia, the enemy lives in the apartment below, sponsored by the very people he hates, and is sleeping underneath the bed of Western children which are seen as infidels, punishable by death. Meanwhile if the adult ‘infidel’ voices his concern, he is removed from society, faces sanctions, may lose his job, may be prosecuted for being a ‘racist’ so instead lives in fear and nods his head in all the right places whilst hoping for the best.

If the world does not expel this cancer from its lands very soon, it will all be over within 10 years. Jihad is brutal and highly successful, but all the left wing liberal hippies in Europe and North America seem to think Islam is the best thing ever. Cretins is too kind a description for those Westerners that have assisted this cancer in its rapid growth from a small tumor to a terminal metastatic disaster.

About the Author
Andrew Saks-McLeod is a professional journalist, born in the UK in 1976, with 23 years industry experience in the high technology sector. He is a regular speaker on technological matters on TV.