What would you do?

A friend of mine on Facebook asked an interesting question.  What would you do if you were Bibi?  So I thought about it.  And given what I know of Bibi, the only thing I can imagine him doing, other than asking the world for help, is launching another pointless war in Gaza like he did last year. So I’m going to change the question a little.

The phone rings, and it’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.  He says, “Lisa, I’m obviously completely out of my depth here.  Nothing I do seems to be of any use.  I’m putting you in charge.”  Now, what do I do?  Because it’s easy enough to attack Bibi’s impotence, but it’s not fair to do so if I don’t have any better ideas.

First, my obvious response is to immediately call Moshe Feiglin and put him in charge.  But that begs the question, so I’m going to imagine for the purposes of this thought experiment that he isn’t available for some reason or other.  That said, I do know at least some of what he would do, so let’s do this thing.

  1. Announce that the Oslo Accords no longer apply and that the Palestinian Authority is dissolved.
    First, recognize that Oslo is over.  It should have been over ages ago, the first time the “Palestinian Authority” violated its terms, but now that Abbas has said himself that he is no longer bound by it, we need to announce that the Oslo Agreement is no more.  Including the creation of the “Palestinian Authority” itself.  All PA buildings in areas under Israeli control will be shut down, and all arms belonging to PA organizations confiscated.
  2. The free lunch ends, effective immediately.
    All money belonging to the former PA will be held in trust by Israel and used to pay the debts owed by the former PA and any towns or villages in the former PA.  None of the former PA’s assets will be released except to pay for the fuel and food and power provided to them, including accrued debts.  A reasonable amount will be used to pay for the costs of security needed to protect against Arab violence.

    Ten simple steps to return us to sanity.  Ten simple steps to help us remember who we are.  It’s really not that complicated.  Bibi, I’m waiting for the call.

  3. Announce that the official policy of the State of Israel is that there is not, and never was, a “Palestinian Arab” nation.
    The only nation that has ever belonged to the Arabs of what was once termed Palestine is the Kingdom of Jordan.  This is our land, and only our land, and it will never be divided again.  All references to what the Arabs term the naqba (catastrophe of Israel’s founding) will be removed from school textbooks, along with any other material inserted over the past few decades which supports the false narrative of “Palestinian” nationhood.  Provide legal documentation showing that the United Nations has no legal authority to abrogate the determination of the League of Nations regarding all of the district once called “Palestine” as the Jewish homeland.  This may seem of minor importance, considering the murderous attacks taking place right now, but as Feiglin has pointed out, most of the attackers have never known a time when the State of Israel didn’t recognize their “right” to our land.  That recognition was a historical mistake, and it needs to be corrected.
  4. Extend Israeli sovereignty over all lands west of the Jordan River, effective immediately.
    This doesn’t mean going in to take back physical control just yet.  There’s no reason to risk our lives in such an action.  But the areas called Area A, Area B, and the Gaza Strip, even under occupation by Arab forces, are still an integral part of Israel, and we cannot afford to pretend otherwise for the sake of making a hostile world happy with us.
  5. Take immediate physical and administrative control of the Temple Mount.
    This is, properly speaking, part of point 2, but due to its importance, it needs to be dealt with specifically.  Following the Six Day War, Moshe Dayan, who was opposed to our taking the Old City in the first place, handed the keys to the Temple Mount to representatives of the Muslim Waqf, based in Jordan.  Since then, Israel has permitted the Muslims to bar Jewish prayer on the Mount and to commit horrible desecrations of the Mount, including the destruction of priceless archaeological material.  The Temple Mount will be put under Israeli control immediately.  All representatives of the Muslim Waqf will be removed from the site.  Muslims will be permitted onto the site under strict supervision, based on security considerations, and only to pray at the Al-Aksa Mosque (the smaller silver dome at the southern end of the Temple Mount).  No one who has committed an act of violence on the Temple Mount will be permitted back.
  6. Emigration packages will be offered to all Arabs in Israel, including Israeli citizens and including Arabs in areas currently under Arab control.
    No one will be forced to leave.  But every Arab household that chooses to leave will be given a grant of between $100,000 and $200,000 and the right to take all of their possessions and money with them.  Polls carried out by the Arabs themselves show an enormous majority that wishes to live elsewhere, and we should be facilitating this desire.  That’s called a “win-win” scenario.  But those accepting the emigration package must accept the permanent loss of Israeli citizenship or residency.  The expense of doing this is far less than the vast amounts we currently spend to protect ourselves against a hostile and alien population.
  7. All Arab towns and villages and neighborhoods will be locked down, effective immediately.
    No one goes in, and no one comes out.  Not for work, not for medical help; not for anything, until that town or village or neighborhood surrenders all of its radicals and weapons and permits Israeli forces in without a fight.  This includes press, both domestic and foreign, and foreign organizations.
  8. Foreign anti-Israel organizations will be expelled.
    This starts with the International Red Cross and Amnesty International, both of which have spent vast sums of money and energy to blacken Israel’s name across the world.  Other groups, such as the International Solidarity Movement and every single anti-Israel NGO will likewise be banned from Israel.  Any member of the international press attempting to violate the sieges of Arab areas or report deceitfully about Israel will be expelled, and no member of the foreign press who has done so in the past will be permitted entry into Israel.  The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) will be barred from Israel as well.  There is already a UN agency to deal with refugees (UNHCR — United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), and UNRWA has become nothing more than an arm of the Arab terrorist organizations.
  9. Prisons will be constructed on the Egyptian, Lebanese and Jordanian borders.
    All security prisoners will be transferred to these prisons.  The prisons themselves will be guarded only on three sides, with the side against the border open to those who wish to take their chances crossing the border.  The families of any Arabs who commit terrorist attacks against Israel will be transferred to one of these facilities.  If the terrorist survives, he will be sent to a facility other than that to which his family is sent.
  10. Every foreign embassy not located in Jerusalem will have its status downgraded to that of a consulate.  Embassies will be permitted only in Jerusalem.
    I don’t think this requires much in the way of explanation.  The continuing insult of other nations dictating where they will have their embassies needs to end

Ten simple steps to return us to sanity.  Ten simple steps to help us remember who we are.  It’s really not that complicated.  Bibi, I’m waiting for the call.

About the Author
Lisa Liel lives in Karmiel with her family. She is a member of the Zehut party, works as a programmer/developer, reads a lot, watches too much TV, does research in Bronze/Iron Age archaeology of the Middle East, and argues a lot on Facebook.