Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

What would you do?

You have a neighbor.

He keeps climbing into your daughters’ bedroom.

His goal is to kill them, but first he will rape and beat them.

You have employed alarms, guard dogs and their brothers to protect them. Your neighbor keeps trying.

Until he succeeds, he is quite happy to continually terrify them. Every time he tries, even if he fails, the dogs bark, the alarm goes off and the girls know that he has tried again.That he will keep coming until he succeeds.

You have spoken with him. You have tried to reason with him. You have threatened him– but he keeps coming.

The only ‘option’ he has given you is to leave your home, neighborhood and country, leaving all of your belongings behind.

This time the window is shattered. Next time, he grabs one of the girls and breaks her arm before he is chased away by the brothers.

You have gone to confront him, but he hides behind his wife and children. You have refrained from violence because you do not want to hurt his wife and kids. But he keeps coming after your daughters.

One is so traumatized she can hardly sleep and wets the bed when she does. The other won’t leave the house for school and your wife and kids do not trust you to protect them anymore.

You go over there again and again, but you cannot get to him beyond his children. He uses them as human shields.

From behind his children’s heads, he graphically tells you how he is going to rape and torture and slowly kill your daughters. The only way you can get to him is through the children he hides behind.

What do you do?

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Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is a writer and an activist. Cofounder of She loves her people enough to call out the nonsense. See her work at
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