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What Yair Netanyahu Left Out of His Speech

Yair Netanyahu (screen capture from Benjamin Netanyahu Facebook page)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised his son Yair Netanyahu on Instagram (and on Facebook) for his recent speech to Christian Evangelists in Alabama.

Though I am twice the age of Yair Netanyahu, and English is my first language from Canada, I would never have the guts to get up and speak in front of so many people. If I did, it would only be for a minute — not speaking so calmly and logically for over 30 minutes like he did. We shouldn’t be surprised that he aced this speech. He had an incredible example to follow his whole life.

It was great the way he brought up milestones from our history, and biblical sources to prove his point. Here is a key excerpt from his speech:

“It’s the right thing to support Israel because of its right to self-defense. Israel is the only country in the world whose right of self-defense, and even its very right to exist, is in doubt. So let’s start with why it’s essential to support Israel due to its Jewish history. The Jewish people have been attached to the land of Israel for 4000 years. From the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to the days of King David. It was King David 3000 years ago, who established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The strong attachment to the land of Israel, runs from the heroism of the Maccabees, until present day. Time and time again, the Jews were conquered and exiled from their land, but they never lost hope to return to Jerusalem, and regain their independence, in their homeland. As it states in the book of Psalms, “By the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.” While the Jews fought to live as a free nation in their own land, there were always people that tried to disengage them from their land.

I’m thrilled that the next generation is eager to continue carrying the torch, and is speaking up this way about important issues. But it’s time to add new insight to the discussion.

Yair, do you really want to understand why people keep trying to take away our land? Do you really want to know the necessary conditions for us remaining here in our beautiful country?

Then please go see the speech I wrote for your father last year. There you will find some new points to cover in future speeches.

You mentioned Babylon, and so will I with the following excerpt:

“The Jewish people were formed as a result of the first global crisis that afflicted humanity. Some 3,800 years ago, between the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in a desert region near present-day Iraq, humanity lived in great clans in Babylon. They lived together as kin until that relationship was shattered. The egotistical desire increased within the Babylonians, made them quarrel with one another and led to severe crises in all spheres of life.

One of the Babylonian priests named Abraham wondered about the nature of the deepening social rift. He discovered that it stems from a natural and inevitable growth of humanity’s egoism. In other words, Abraham discovered that tikkun olam is nothing other than a correction of the relationship between people. He wandered among the various tribes and clans, and called upon anyone who felt the need to build a new society.

The Babylonians who joined Abraham learned how to build healthy, positive and correct relationships, above the growing egoism. In time, the group grew into a new people: the people of Israel. Thus, the Jewish people were founded from a collection of representatives of humanity’s past civilization. The common denominator between them was the value of tikkun olam—the discovery of unity in diversity, and choosing mutual concern over mutual exploitation.

It has a ripple effect, spreading from the inside out. The Jewish people are essentially the first circle. They are a mini-model of humanity, a model of universal connection between people. That connection is destined to spread and shape the other circles around it.

Once we have genuine peace in the Middle East, the entire region will transform into being one of the most thriving places in the world. This positive energy will emanate from Israel to all the nations of the world on a daily basis.”

Why Do They Keep Going After Our Land?

Until we carry out our mission of providing the world with an example of good human relations, the world will continue to go from crisis to crisis. And all eyes are always focused here, on Israel. The nations of the world are expecting something great to come from our direction, but instead of rising to the occasion, we are trying to pretend we are just like other nations. We are not. We have a special mission and our right to be in Israel will always be up for grabs until we carry out our mission, and provide the nations of the world with the key to harmony.

Anti-Semitism toward the Jews and hatred of Israel will continue to grow until we provide what our entire history has been leading up to for thousands of years. You brought up many accurate historic facts in your speech, but you are missing the most sophisticated part – the hidden code of the bible. That’s what the whole world is waiting for us to deliver.

I am sure there will be many more speeches in your future, and I hope you will open your heart and mind to the fact, that there is a whole body of wisdom we have overlooked for far too long.

Hopefully your generation will be open-minded enough to delve further into what our true purpose is for being here on this land, and what that truly entails.

I will conclude with a quote from Kabbalist Michael Laitman:

“We are a nation that carries within itself the ideal of love for all people of the world. We became a nation based on the rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and only the return to the realization of this principle can eradicate the bigotry and hatred toward us. As Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote, “the Israeli nation was to be a ‘transition’ … they pass their power on to the rest of the nations”. Attaining unity and passing it on to humanity is what world leaders and people everywhere expect and demand from us.

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