What’s next, Islam?

Rockets fly into Israel from Hamas in Gaza and from Hezbolla in Lebanon and from assorted Arab terrorizers. Israel retaliates with a week of bombing.

Palestinians, represented by a former terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization and present terrorist Hamas, living for sixty years as refugees in a variety of Arab countries and towns and relationships with Israel, all established by multiple wars initiated by five Arab countries to wipe out the Jews, wish to create a State of Palestine in the west bank of Palestine by obtaining approval from most members of the laughingly called, “The United Nations.”

Israel declares its intent to build housing for thousands of Israelis in the West Bank contested area of the Arab-desired future State of Palestine.

Iran has supplied Israel’s mortal enemies, Hezbolla and Hamas, with weaponry and financial and material support.

Egyptian control of the Sinai desert, to maintain a status quo established by Anwar Sadat in a peace agreement with Israel, has become a smuggling utopia for Hamas, Gaza’s current Palestinian rulers.

The arms merchants of the world have been thriving on the myriad conflicts that erupted in the Arab Spring by a variety of warring factions dying to gain control of the very existence of primitive terrorist groups.

ISIL, a heavily armed Sunni offshoot of Al Qaida, continues its march of Islamic-conversion-terror from Syria to Iraq, murdering Shiites to support Sunni life.

The world of Islam is a wretched world of turmoil, terror, and tragedy. The combinations of factions competing for supremacy, claiming that Allah is on their side, has splintered Allah into bits and pieces that bode ill for the future of Islam, but only in the eyes of the civilized world.

About the Author
Nachum has been writing for many years, starting with poetry, cartoons, history, and his own experiences as a craftsman, a Jew, a Zionist, an observer of events and history, a father of six with four sons in the Israeli army/navy, a kibbutznick for 3 years, a large group of friends and relatives in Israel, a PalYamnik carrying aviation gasoline to Israel in 1948, and more.