What’s the ANSWER?


Annexation,Separateness, Racism – A lot of problems, so what’s the answer?

These are the questions that go thru my mind these days, and maybe yours too. Sitting with friends between their BBQ and pool yesterday was a rare privilege not to be taken for granted during these COVID days. We talked about food, weather, gardening Covid and politics. Melissa is a bright, beautiful 16 year old who just got her drivers permit last week and is ready to join in the conversation, What’s the answer? I asked her. We have the indigenous issues, Israel has Palestinian problems, America has Racism. The problems are the same the globe over. Cameroon’s ongoing civil war…

I am sick of constantly hearing about the unrest in my world and feeling numb to be truly able to be effective in righting the wrongs. What is the solution to these problems, that’s what I want to know!

My mind has been screaming for solutions, but nothing has answered back, except more and more, turning up the volume of agony in the globe as it whizzes around.

Treat others as you would want to be treated

That’s what came out of my mouth to Melissa after I asked her, almost demanded of her, a solution to it all. Yes, my mind grabbed at that. The right thing to do. Taught by the only Righteous man who ever was.

That would have fixed the Residential School Solution that was a devastation in Canada right at the table where it was first born (indulge me: “yes Gertrude, taking children from their parents who are abusing them and neglecting them and educating and clothing them in schools where they can be cared for by us, more religious, worthy caregivers is an idea, but IS THAT WHAT YOU WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO DO IF YOU WERE IN THEIR SHOES?”)

That’s just a start, I will allow you to come up with your own solutions and alternatives now. My mind will be happily righting all the wrongs and coming up with mutually beneficial solutions. I may not be able to fix everything right away, but at least I’ve got a springboard to get started from! – I hope this gives you hope, and a spot to start from too, and to the critics, be a part of the solution, not the problem!!!

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My hope is that what I have to say will bring hope and encouragement to the reader and inspire good actions. I am Native Canadian and am blessed to be married to my husband for 21 years. We have 5 almost-grown kids who we hope will make this world a better place!
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