What’s with those Texans and their “Christian nation” educators?

Those Texas Christians, whose influence over the nation’s textbooks is enormous because of their activism and the state’s buying power, sure don’t want any lousy ACLU or ADL pushing them around.

Thanks to the Texas Freedom Network, a group that dares advocate for church-state separation in the wild-west state of Texas, we have the video, below, of the opening prayer at a State Board of Education Meeting called to discuss what school children will learn about church-state separation.

Some evangelicals now tone their talk about America as a “Christian nation,” or even couch their arguments in terms of “Judeo-Christian values.”

Not board member Cynthia Dunbar, a Republican. She makes it clear: America is a Christian nation, and its laws and government should be based on the Christian Bible.

A recent New York Times story on the Texas school text battles has another item about Dunbar, saying she “managed to cut Thomas Jefferson from a list of figures whose writings inspired revolutions in the late 18th century and 19th century, replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone. (Jefferson is not well liked among conservatives on the board because he coined the term ‘separation between church and state.’)”

Paging Abe Foxman; is the ADL or any of the other Jewish church-state groups going to speak up on this one? Or is Texas just seen as a lost cause?

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.