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What’s your cli-fi ‘bookprint’? Choose those cli-fi books that most define you

We all have have fingerprints. As a thought experiment, to prod you out of your comfort zone, you can now create a cli-fi ”bookprint” by choosing those cli-fi books that most define you

Dr. Alfred Tatum, an American education professor specializing in literacy for African-American boys in Chicago, coined the term “bookprint” several years ago and according to the professor, it’s something we all have – a list of books that have impacted how we see ourselves in the world we live in. I like his coinage. I think the concept could be useful in this age of runaway climate change and global warming, where people who are climate skeptics and climate alarmists often discuss the pros and cons of where we are headed in the 2020s and 2030s and beyond.

So yes, what we read does matter. And cli-fi matters. Reading shapes the way we see the world, increases our understanding of others, and helps us imagine different narratives for ourselves. No matter what country we live, no matter what nationality we have, no matter what genres we like best, be they cli-fi or sci-fi or historical novels or literary fiction or nonfiction books. Even books in translation from languages other than our own.

So what’s your cli-fi bookprint? Do you have one?

”Whether it was assigned reading from high school or a novel lovingly passed along by a parent or friend, we all have those books we reflect upon with reverence,” according to Scholastic magazine. “Stories that changed our perceptions or inspired us. Novels that altered the way we viewed the world, or helped us through a difficult time. That’s where cli-fi comes in.

Books play an important role in shaping who we are and who we will become.  So there is an opportunity for people of all ages to leave their bookprints and connect with other readers around the world. A ”bookprint,” as defined by Tatum, a professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, is our ”textual lineage.” Our textual lineage is a reading and writing biography which shows that who you are is in part developed through the stories and information you’ve experienced.

So what’s your cli-fi bookprint? If you feel like it, please leave your anwers in the comment box below. I’m all ears.

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