What’s your Imagine Index?

Imagine no countries, no possessions, no heaven, no hell. Dream or nightmare?

1. If we could eliminate countries and religions, we would likely have more people living in:

a) Peace
b) Fear, violence and insecurity

2. If there were no possessions there would probably be

a) No hunger
b) Higher percentage of people who are hungry

3. If nobody believed in heaven or hell, this world and the people in it would generally be:

a) Nicer, happier and more peaceful
b) Meaner, sadder and less peaceful

4. We should strive for a world where we all live:

a) As one
b) As individuals and groups who interact with love, peace, and mutual respect

Song context:

5. For most of the people of Vietnam, the fact that the United States and her allies lost that war was:

a) Great
b) Tragic

6. The Civil Rights struggles of the 60s teach us that:

a) All forms of differentiation, separation, and group identity are wrong.
b) Some forms of differentiation, separation, and group identity are wrong.

7. Which of these choices caused (by far) the most death and suffering in the 20th Century:

a) Religion and private property
b) Attempts to destroy religion and private property

8. John Lennon’s accumulation of great wealth through songs like Imagine is one of many examples of how:

a) Evil capitalist society forces even good people to sacrifice their ideals
b) Many people gain wealth or power by inspirationally renouncing wealth or power

Song implications:

9. We can help people better by:

a) Weakening their sense of membership in groups
b) Promoting better relationships within and between groups

10. We should assume that people who don’t share John Lennon’s vision are:

a) Blinded by selfishness and bigotry, and lack basic human compassion.
b) Disagree with the singer on core issues of values and philosophy


Your Imagine Index is the number of questions to which you chose answer a.

What’s your Imagine Index?

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