What’s Your ZQ?— Zionist Quotient

Theodore Herzl in Basel, 1897

Are you a passionate Zionist?

I bet you think you are.

Well, here’s a way you to find out.

Take the Zionist Quotient Quiz.

You may ask, “Who are you to create such an important quiz?”

Well as a Jeopardy fan, a former high school teacher, and a Zionist, I’m pretty good at crafting, giving and grading quizzes.

But I want to know if you, my Times of Israel readers are Zionistically intelligent or Zionistically challenged.

Do you have a high ZQ— Zionist Quotient?

I bet you think you do.

So I created this Zionist quiz to challenge my audience and to determine if my readers have the requisite knowledge to fully comprehend my stories.

Well, here are 12 questions (one for each tribe) and one extra-credit question to help improve your score.

The Quiz

  1. What was the name of Theodore Herzl’s 1896 pamphlet—where he envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish state?
  2. What two names did David Ben-Gurion consider for the independent Jewish state?
  3. What two geograghic locations did Herzl propose for the Jewish nation?
  4. Fill in the blank: Zion is a____ in the city of Jerusalem.
  5. Who established a colony for Jews in Palestine in 1854?
  6. Where was the first Zionist Congress held in 1896?
  7. Who was elected the first president of Israel?
  8. What is the name of the British document that endorsed the creation of a Jewish homeland in 1917?
  9. Fill in the blank: The ____ Paper of 1939 planned to end Jewish immigration to Palestine by 1944 after that date it would be subject to Arab consent.
  10. Who was the founder of revisionist Zionism?
  11. Fill in the blank: Revisionist Zionism ideology is the basis for_______ -wing politics in Israel.
  12. Fill in the blank: The ____ David Accords were signed by Sadat and Begin on September 17, 1978.
  13. Operation _____ Carpet concerned the airlifting of Jews from Arab Countries.

The Answers:

  1. Der Judenstaat
  2. Israel and Zion
  3. Palestine and Argentina
  4. Hill
  5. Sir Moses Montefiore
  6. Basil, Switzerland
  7. Chaim Weizmann
  8. Balfour Agreement
  9. White
  10. Ze’ev Jabotinsky
  11. Right
  12. Camp
  13. Magic

The Analysis:

Since I considered this an easy test, if got more than 4 wrong, I recommend you work on your Zionistic studies.


Here is a little nudge to help you raise your score for the next quiz, read “O Jeru-salem”—Day by Day and Minute by Minute the Historic Struggle For Jerusalem and the Birth of Israel— authored by Larry Collins and Dominique LaPierre.

On audio read by Theodore Bikel.

You’ll love it. I promise.

To My Readers:

Let me know your score.

Share this quiz with your friends to see if they are intelligent Zionists.

Was the test too hard or too easy?

If you want to submit additional questions for the next Zionist Quotient Quiz, please do so in the comment box below.

Thanks for your participation.

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