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When A Birthday Party Offends Pretentions

Israel’s 66th Independence Day

aka: The Birthday Party That Offends The Offenders

israel yom ha'atzmaut barbeque president shimon peres caricature

So many offenders are offended by the sight, sound and thought of Jews and other Israelis celebrating their freedom in their homeland. And due to all of the barbecues taking place all over the country on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean, one might think that Israel’s most vicious and vocal enemies are actually hardcore extremist members of PETA.

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These days, however, not even the most merciless member of Hamas or the fiercest proponent of the BDS movement can outdo Israel’s own self-haters when it comes to denouncing the nation of Israel for the joy it exhibits on its birthday, each and every year, on more or less the same day (unless Shabat gets in the way). And the reason for their auto-disdain is as plain as day: They are happiest when they are not happy.

So what else would you expect these Israel-loathers to do when a nation borne in battle ritualistically puts flesh to flame all over their land, every early May, for the purpose of regaling one another about unlikely Zionist dreams come true, victory in wars and years gone by? Kvetching about it seems perfectly natural, even useful, for a nation that pretends so much to be a peace-loving, multi-cultural, tolerant, parliamentary democracy.

So here’s to a happy birthday, Israel … may you enjoy many, many more, even at the risk of upsetting the haters and the couthed.

By the way, if you think we’re fanning the flames of fury in the Muddled East with this editorial cartoon and opinionated column, all we have to say is … bon appetit!

Full disclosure: Aside from asado consumption and sizzling steak digestion, Yasha Harari has labored independently for a number of internet, media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.


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