When democracy sucks

The rightwing victory heralds a dark and frightening future -- and there is one simple reason it happened

Democracy sucks when you lose, when four years stretch threateningly and darkly into the future, with little hope for your voice to be heard.  Democracy is cruel and alienating and warns you that you don’t belong in a country where so many disagree with everything that you believe.

Democracy condemns your children to continue studying in a class of 40 because they have the gall to be secular and live in a neighborhood with a myriad of young families.

Democracy will more than likely condemn your son to march off to war and then be held to account in an international court for doing his duty.

Democracy condemns your passport to be sneered at, your accent to be suspect and your lips to hesitate when they must speak of your homeland abroad.

Democracy condemns your tax money to be spent on building roads to nowhere and paying for young men to do nothing that contributes to building a strong and progressive economy.

Democracy condemns you to live in a country where human rights, justice, morality and accountability take second place to illogical and unrealistic religious fervor, and egoistic belief in indestructability.

Democracy condemns you to another four years with a leader who cannot control his wife’s petty thieving and whining, who closed his eyes to a generation of young people who do not feel that life is financially viable here, who has big ideas about neutralizing Iran, but nothing to offer towards solving the Palestinian claims, apart from digging his head in the sand, ass in the air, exposed.

Democracy condemns you to live in the dark ages where religion controls the life cycle instead of guiding and nourishing it, where half a million people cannot marry in their own country, where thousands of children do not know simple math or science because it threatens the sovereignty of the Torah to learn such things.

Democracy is too vulnerable, too simple, too malleable; but it is the voice of the people and the people have spoken. “I know why Bibi Netanyahu won” commented my six year old daughter, “because there were more people who wanted him to stay than there were people who wanted him to go.” And so it is.

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Nerys Copelovitz made aliyah from the UK 18 years ago. Her main job in life is being a mother, whilst writing, volunteering and studying in her 'spare time.' She loves many things about life in Israel and aspires to develop the 'chutzpah' needed to be a true Israeli. Check out her writing on
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