When Doing Something Is An Illusion

I post very little on social media about Donald Trump,  yet my feed is overflowing with posts on every despicable utterance from Trump. I don’t find it productive and I doubt it’s cathartic, hence the need of the vigilant posting and posting of pieces available on front pages of the papers everywhere. I don’t think it adds to the resistance, if you don’t get what Trump’s doing enlightenment will never come from social media which is overwhelming whether about Trump or Israeli’s policies–preaching to the choice. The work to be done is on the ground.

I contribute to candidates, gave money to the Ted Cruz opponent who is surprisingly close, and if I have the moral courage, as I have the time, I will fly somewhere in November and help get people to the polls in a closely contested area. When I’ve made these comments on peoples’ Facebook posts who are all anti-Trump all the time, I’ve been met with opposition and hostility, and alas great defensiveness. I seem to learn little but maybe after this one run, I’ll keep these thoughts to myself.

A novel of Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation

In my recently released novel, The Spy’s Gamble,  I wrote about how doing something often provides only the illusion of doing something. There it was about the Israeli policy of demolition of the family homes of those who perpetrate terrorist attacks. If the purpose is deterrence it clearly fails and if anything only incites the Palestinian population and youth further. There is not even a determination of whether the family is complicit just a blind eye for an eye.

Social media posting about Trump’s constant excesses may too provide the illusion of doing something.

About the Author
Howard Kaplan is the author of the The Damascus Cover and Bullets of Palestine and has just completed a new novel of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Spy's Gamble.
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