Maurice Ross

When is a Massacre not a Massacre?

Anyone who doubts that Israel is fighting a war against the most evil and wicked perpetrators of terrorism, need do nothing more than look at some of the videos that are circulating. Watch, if you can, the mass murder of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of ISIS. Such videos show the violent inhumane behaviour of those like Hamas and their cronies. I have previously described them as Amalekites, whose evilness is only surpassed by their own wickedness. There is no limit to the extremes to which they will go in the pursuit of the devil’s own work.

I have endeavoured previously to show the world that they are being duped by the propaganda that seems to be easily accepted, without verification, by the news and broadcasting agencies of the world.

At the same time virulent anti-Semitism, (just plain Jew hatred), is raising its ugly head throughout the world. There are those who call this behaviour anti-Zionism and declare – “we are not anti-Semites, we just do not like the actions of the Israeli government”.

I want to ask those people if they behave in the same way in relationship to China and Tibet – the Tibetans having been deprived of a state that existed for thousands of years until 1950, when the Chinese took control of their land.

Do they demonstrate against Russia in respect to the latter’s intervention in Ukrainian sovereignty or did they come out on rallies when upward of 25,000 civilians were killed by the Russians in the Second Chechen War?

Do they demand the Boycott and Divestment of, and Sanctions against Spain because they do not give the Basque people their own state?

How about their attitude to the British government who have resisted independence for the Welsh or the Scots for many a year!

I could go on but I think you get the drift.

Of course the answer to all these questions of the anti-Zionists is most likely, no they don’t behave to anyone else the way they behave towards Israel.

Indeed where is the world’s outcry to the massacres taking place in Syria and Iraq?


And so the only conclusion is that the outcry against Israel is because it is Israel and Israel is the Jewish state. So that makes their behaviour anti-Semitic.

Today, the French President, Francois Hollande made the following statement:

“I see what is happening to the Christians of Iraq and the minorities in Syria being killed every day. This also occurs as massacres in Gaza.”

As a friend so clearly stated, it is so pointed that he refers to the deaths of Christians by beheading, crucifixion and worse, as killing and the regrettable loss of civilian life in Gaza as massacre.

At what point Monsieur Hollande does a massacre cease to be a massacre and become a killing?

Might it have something to do with the fact that the massacres of Christians are being carried out by Muslims and you cannot call them massacres because you cannot offend the Muslims living in France? But you can call the regrettable loss of civilian life in Gaza caused by Israeli fire as a massacre because the Jews are a minority. As a minority it does not matter if you offend, insult and libel them as has already been done by one John Prescott, a former Deputy Prime of the UK,. I will not grace him with his full title!

Prescott referred to Gaza as a concentration camp. How dare he?

In which concentration camp did food supplies and medicine come through the gates for the inmates incarcerated within them? Where in Gaza are there gas chambers and electric fences? From which concentration camp did the inmates fire rockets over the electrified fences at the defenceless citizens of the surrounding towns and cities?

Colonel Richard Justin Kemp former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan refers to the IDF as the most humane army in the world. The IDF does everything possible to safeguard the life of civilians. When the IDF fires at a target it is because that target has been used as a launching pad for rockets against Israeli civilians. There is no doubt about that. Hamas say so themselves. Not one rocket is aimed at specific military sites. Each rocket as it is fired is in contravention of International Law. From the moment the rocket is launched a war crime has been committed.

Where is the call to put Hamas on trial for such war crimes?

Would it make any difference if, instead of each rocket being intercepted by the Iron Dome, they hit the homes of Israeli citizens and killed and injured many.

How many deaths and injuries would, in excess of 3,000 rockets launched since July 8, have caused? Thirty thousand maybe?

Would that satisfy the world? Would they then see Israel’s actions to defend its citizens appropriate and be calling for the downfall of Hamas? Would they be criticising UNWRA for giving over its premises for the storage of ammunition? Would they be demanding a resolution of the UN Commission of Human Rights against the killing of Israeli citizens?

Would the French President call that a massacre?

Or would the world remain silent as it remained silent when Jews were herded into cattle trucks, transported across Europe, selected for life or death, put into gas chambers and crematoria, starved to death, used as slave labor?

Would another six million satisfy you, so that after we have gone and Hamas has taken over the whole of the land of Israel, you can feel sympathy again for the Jewish people having allowed anti-Semitism to have achieved its ultimate desire?

About the Author
Maurice Ross was born in Ireland in 1955. Made Aliyah in 2007, having lived in London, UK since 1965. Former Jewish community Professional and Educator.