When is Anti-Zionism Really Just Jew-Hatred?

When does freedom of speech cross the line and become anti-Israel agitprop? For that matter, when does being anti-Israel morph into being anti-Jewish? More to the point: when does a position of some power—editor of the Jewish Federation-owned Jewish newspaper of a large American city— become a vehicle for pressing a personal agenda that damages coreligionists and bashes the Jewish State? An incident in Seattle may offer some decisive albeit disturbing answers.

Joel Magalnick, editor and publisher of the Seattle Jewish Federation-owned JTNews gave a forum to one Linda Frank in which she rebutted the general understanding of Mahmoud Abbas’ statement that a Palestinian state would be Judenrein.  Magalnick was roundly criticized by the Seattle Jewish community for allowing Ms. Frank space in the Federation newspaper. The Jewish newspaper editor responded by saying that, “As a community newspaper we must represent the whole community, whether or not the views expressed comport with our beliefs.”

The problem is that Frank is NOT part of the Jewish community, as she clearly states in this video clip (hat tip to Michael Behar for exposing the entire squalid affair):

Ms. Frank is seemingly here, there, and everywhere in the Tacoma/Seattle area speaking out against Israel. Everywhere she does so, she drops into conversation that she is a “lover” and/or “student of Judaism” actively bringing Judaism into a discussion of propagandist hate speech against the Jewish State.


It’s rather like Roger Waters’ pig balloon with the humongous Jewish star. “Oh,” he says, “I have all manner of symbols on my pig-shaped balloon.”

Alas, none so large and noticeable as that Star of David.


Roger Waters floating pig (photo credit: Youtube screen capture)

Waters says that all the other symbols on his balloons prove that he’s not anti-Jewish, only anti-Israel. And Frank says she is a lover and student of Judaism while lying about the most moral army in the world—one that takes great care to avoid civilian casualties. She says that Israeli snipers have taken out 84 Palestinian children with bullet “wounds to the head and upper body.”

Well, we can certainly understand why Frank and Waters would want to make the distinction that their “issues” are purely political and that they have nothing against JEWS. Frank LOVES Judaism. Some of Waters BEST FRIENDS are Jewish.

Sure, we get it: if this were just them being anti-Semitic, it would make them look really bad.

Which it does anyway, to anyone with half a brain. No one is fooled by their supposed distinctions between being anti-Zionist and being anti-Jewish. If this were really political, they’d be able to offer proof of their horrible assertions. Having none at hand, they have ultimately exposed themselves for what they are: liars and haters of Jews.

And what of Magalnick? He is what’s called an enabler.

(photo credit: Michael Behar)
(photo credit: Michael Behar)

Is he to be excused for not obtaining Ms. Frank’s religious CV’s before giving her a soapbox? Or are we to wonder at his motives for allowing unsubstantiated propaganda against his own people in the Federation newspaper just because he can?

Answer: Nobody is wondering. We know exactly what he is and what he represents.

And then, OOPSIE. He gets caught. Because no. Ms. Frank is not Jewish.

What is Magalnick’s excuse for allowing Frank to spew her hateful vomit at his readership? What does this say about the Seattle Jewish Federation?? And what does this say about the wider American Jewish community and its relationship to Israel and the Jews?





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