When is the Funeral?

Readers outside of Israel cannot understand our dilemma. Even most citizens of Israel are unable to grasp the dimensions of our tragedy. No. Not the coronavirus. We are not unique in that suffering of humanity. Our primary tragedy can only be found in a palatial estate on Balfour street in Jerusalem.

An author writing in the JERUSALEM POST today described the two most dangerous viruses living in it.

The author wrote of “a delusional Sara”: and a “deranged Yair”. In referring to the prime minister’s domineering wife and abusive moronic son, he was right on track. Diseases must be treated in order to preserve health as well as sanity. The public must always keep a distance from those whose disease is contagious.

Psychiatrists often recommend shock treatment for deranged persons suffering from delusions. It would be wise for the prime minister to have his eldest son confined for treatment.

Under the present stench of what pretends to be a government, we are witnessing the death of our democracy. We only need to ask one question: “When is the funeral?”

And who are the participants involving themselves in the dying process? The Israeli public. They are the anti and the pro Netanyahu protesters.

There has been far too much brutality mainly coming from our police forces who take their leads from the Minister of Public Security whose title should be amended to the “Minister of Public Insecurity” !

Have you seen the photos of young non-violent protesters being attacked by police?

Not just by water cannons but by beatings with heavy wooden clubs, rocks, pepper spray and other devices which have led many young non-violent protesters to be soaked in their own blood by the police who violate all decency.

The protests must be permitted to continue. Police violence must be required to end immediately.

If protesters react with violence against police, the blame lies in the hands of a corrupt prime-minister, and a Security minister who knows little or nothing about crowd control, and the massive do-nothing citizens who do not demand an end to physical violence.

Protests are still allowed in Israel even in the face of a dictatorial regime which seeks to overthrow all vestiges of decency and democracy. The days of tyranny must end now !

The shouts and noise of those protesting against the Netanyahu clan do not fall upon the blocked ears of the tyrants of Balfour street. Their fears of events “worse-to-come” is very real. Heaven forbid it,

In spite of all protection and security for the prime minister and his unworthy family (except for son Avner), tragic events can and do occur. We need to look only upon the assassination of prime minister Yitzchak Rabin and American president John F. Kennedy.

With all the security and protection surrounding them, the bullets found their mark and ended innocent lives. The two countries will never forget and will never forgive the perpetrators of those vile tragedies.

Our esteemed and peace-loving president, Reuven Rivlin, has publicly announced his fear of an assassination of our indicted political leader—less leader.

I too have such a dreaded fear. Chas v’chalila. God forbid it.

That the Netanyahus must be evicted from their premises and the indicted Bibi must be found guilty and sentenced to a term in a prison cell is the feeling of millions of Israeli citizens and of Jews living outside of Israel. He is a “has-been”, a no-longer respected or welcomed leader. He MUST go and go soon.

If there are new fourth elections he can be defeated by ballots and not by bullets. Angry citizens can join forces with the protesters. Smash down the doors of the Balfour residence and restrain by force attempts by police and military to prevent it, and escort, if willingly, or by force, if necessary, the current residents.

Cleanse the house of its stench and turn it over to a newly-voted prime minister and family.

Take Minister (or Commissar) Ohana out of his political office and turn it over to a peace-loving and abiding successor.

If we are to have a mini-French Revolution, so be it. That revolution brought peace and security to a suffering French nation. Its citizens uphold the event with great pride even hundreds of years later.

“Aux armes, cityoens. Formez vos battalions. Marchons! Marchons!”

To arms, citizens. (Not weapons but placards and signs), Form your battalions. March on ! March on !

The liberty of the people of Israel lies in the hands of the people of Israel.

We wash our hands not alone due to the coronavirus. We wash because our prophets of old demanded it:
“Wash ye, wash ye, make yourselves clean”.

We have been an unclean people living recently in an unclean state ruled over by a very unclean regime.

Keep washing. Keep marching. Keep protesting. Victory is in the hands of our loyal and decent citizenry.

If we do not act, the answer to our question “when is the funeral” might be tragically delayed !

In the meantime I pray that all of us will be healthy and safe. Briyut yoter tovah. Memshala yoter tovah.

Nachamu nachamu ami… be comforted, o my people !

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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