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Israeli diplomats earn $2000 a month

This government is forcing a brain drain in the Foreign Ministry and effectively removing most of its powers

salery slipWhen Israeli diplomats earn less than $2000 a month, please don’t complain about Israel’s image abroad. This government is forcing a brain drain in the Ministry and effectively removing most of its powers.

A brief look at Netanyahu’s policies shows how he has stripped the Ministry of much of its responsibilities. The battle over a decent wage is really the last straw.

The Ministry’s Diaspora Divison has been weakened by the creation of The Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs Ministry which effectively competes for scarce budgets.

The government is contemptuous towards its diplomatic staff. Connections with the Palestinians have been handed over to Minister of Justice Tsippy Livni. Contacts with Jordan have been conducted by Netanyahu’s cronies and the campaign against BDS was taken away from the Foreign Ministry and has been deemed to fall outside of its jurisdiction. BDS is now the concern of The Strategic and Intelligence Affairs Ministry.

Last year I attended a conference in LA and spoke about effective communication. I asked a member of the diplomatic staff in Washington whether he was also speaking. The answer that he couldn’t attend due to a lack of budget resonates until today.

When Tnuva spends more on advertising yogurt than the government spends on foreign affairs, don’t complain about Israel’s image abroad.

The time has come to stop making a mockery of The Foreign Ministry of Israel for the short political gain of the Prime Minister.

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