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Freedom matters

When silence is loudest

Where is the outrage of global protesters who quickly take to the streets, social media forums and airwaves to denounce Israel as tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children are facing genocide at the hands of Islamic terrorists?

Where is their outrage over dead Yazidi Christians who couldn’t escape the onslaught of Islamic terrorists to the sweltering mountaintop believed to be the final resting place of Noah?

Where is their outrage as young Muslim women are stoned to death by Islamic terrorists for the alleged crime of sex before marriage?

Where is their outrage as a 14-year-old Muslim boy is publicly tortured upon a crucifix because he didn’t observe the fast of a Muslim holy day to the satisfaction of Islamic terrorists?

Silence is loudest
Where is the outrage of Israel’s harshest critics who claim they are motivated by concern for human life, rights and dignity to the very real barbarism and genocide of Islamic terrorists murdering Christians and Muslims?

Where is the outrage when those who have so relentlessly libeled Israel with false accusations of genocide see the very real threat and horrific reality of genocide boldly pursued by Islamic terrorists?

Where are the hundreds of “I hate ISIL” social media pages? Where are their tweets, posts, and letters condemning Islamic terrorists for crimes against humanity that have killed thousands of innocents?

Why does so much of the media have no problem calling ISIL fighters “terrorists” while referring to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists as “fighters,” “militants,” and other terms that deprive their viewers of the reality of terrorists sworn to genocide with a bloody history of terror against Jews and others who do not embrace their depravity?

ISIL atrocities have shown the world in horrific clarity the nature of an enemy who has pursued genocide against the Jewish People for much of the past century.

The silence of those whose lives are deeply invested in hating Israel in the face of barbarism against Christians and Muslims by Islamic terrorists is a global billboard to their motivation.

Sadly, it’s a billboard whose message will be taken to heart by few beyond the Jewish People.

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Seth Eisenberg is President of the PAIRS Foundation, a former At-Large chair of the National Writers Union, elected labor leader, and pro-Israel activist. He is an author of Instructions for Intimacy, The Laundry List of Relationship Mishaps, Knots and Double Binds, PAIRS Essentials, Warrior to Soul Mate, PAIRS for PEERS, and the SHALOM Workshop. He can be reached via LinkedIn at
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