When the Obvious is Oblivious

When The Obvious is Oblivious

By: William Pollack


In a moment of unique seriousness and emotional clarity, SiriusXM Radio icon Howard Stern slammed a caller stating the obvious “If you are not for Israel, you are un-American”. Amen Howard! As distinct as night is to day, so the difference between the terror organization Hamas and the lone stalwart democracy in the Middle East; Israel – America’s greatest ally.

Against widespread disagreement and much soul searching amongst her citizens and leaders, Israel ceded the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians in 2005 in hopes they would pursue a better life for themselves. No more accusations that the “Zionist occupiers” were the sole reason for their societal failures. Dreamers hoped they might even mirror the rousing success of Israel founded a mere 66 years ago and make their part of the desert bloom too.

But with the election of Hamas, Gaza became a launching pad of terror and, despite the blabbering of “useful idiots” and their insanity; the blame for the failure of Gaza lies squarely on the Palestinians. They squandered their long dishonest dream of a country leaving that much ballyhooed two-State scenario relegated to a footnote in a long line of historically missed Palestinian opportunities. Rather than building universities, hospitals and housing, Palestinians chose a life of rioting, Intifadas, suicide bombers and culminating into thousands of launched missiles into Israel.

Now the world has proof Hamas created a network of tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel. The underground tunnels are designed for kidnapping and pursuing mass murder of innocent Israelis. The world also has undeniable proof that Hamas forces their own citizens to serve as human shields in the line of fire against the Israeli Defense Forces. This wretched, cowardly and cold-hearted abuse of human beings is nefariously designed to gain sympathy from a disgraced bias media. And as frightening and pathetic as the revolting act of Islamic terrorism is the support of the thousands who should know the obvious but prefer to be oblivious when defining the lines between good and evil.

How could all those people across the globe let alone here in the U.S, in Florida, Texas, California and New York march in support of terror shouting ugly venomous anti-Semitic diatribe not heard by most since the Nazis almost succeeded in exterminating the Jewish population of Europe a mere seven decades ago? The Arab propaganda, incitement and lies are without limit, boundless and threatening. The mind numbing vociferous blood libel against Jews across the world is a startling reminder of that dark era not so long ago.

Israel, a besieged small country of freedom and protectorate of individual rights for all its citizens is now fighting for its survival against nothing more or less than blood thirsty terrorists whom too many inexplicably support. But two things are obvious; Israel is justified in her defense against this barbaric terrorist organization. And the other point is obvious; history proves good will defeat evil. Just as Nazism met its destructive end, so too will Hamas – and not soon enough.

William Pollack is the owner of radio, TV stations and movie theater locations throughout the United States.


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William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.