When they say, “Peace”, they really mean “The New Wolrd Order.”

When they say ‘peace’, they mean, The New World Order

I’ve been around long enough and, with a long-term interest in world politics and a hobby for exegetical preponderance of Scripture, I feel qualified to express an opinion of what’s coming our way. Where does Israel fit into the events of the last days? I base my understanding of this subject on the Tanakh and some parts of the New Testament. This should not be interpreted that I am influenced by Christianity. I’ve studied the New Testament and actually found a key verse therein (2 Timothy 3:16-17) All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Paul is herewith identifying the Tanakh is the only realiable Scripture because there was nothing else at the time. There was no New Testament yet. Paul was writing a personal letter in which he cautioned Timothy to discern the veracity of the writings then circulating about a ‘new religion’ by comparing the new teachings with the Tanakh. According to Paul, if such writings were in agreement, then they should be accepted. If they were in disagreement, then they should be rejected. I actually followed Paul’s advice and did this. I took the New Testament and threw it against the rock of the Tanakh and let the pieces fall where they may. I had no predisposed ideals or prejudices and was able to remain objective as I picked up the pieces that survived the test. Having gathered the surviving pieces of insight to which I would have never been exposed otherwise, I was able to construct a timeline of events that satisfied my yearning to understand what is coming our way.

My method was simple. First, I committed to forgetting everything I had ever heard about the end times and approached this exercise with an open mind and heart. In the bunker of our home in the Judean Desert, I selected a corner for myseld, furnished it with a table, chair, Tanakh, New Testament, index cards, pens, clothesline and clothespins. I prayed for guidance every time I sat down to begin each session. As I read in the selected sources and came across an entry that shed light on the last days, I wrote that verse on an index card and hung it on the clothesline. Again, I had no predisposition to any specific sequence of events. I hung the cards on the line as I wrote them without regard to end results. Soon I needed a second line, then a third. After a few weeks of serious albeit intermittent searching, I felt in my spirit that I had gathered enough.

I then undertook, using all my understanding of the world in which we live, to arrange the events in, what I believe is a sensible sequence. I moved the cards around as it made sense to me, taking care not to force any piece of the puzzle. Sometimes I’d hang two or three cards under one another if the events occurred at the same time. When that was accomplished I removed the cards from the line in sequence. I remember feeling a sense of awe as I sat at the table with the pile of cards in front of me. I felt I was going to learn new things. I flipped through the cards quickly, reading each verse. By the time I had flipped through the hundred fifty or so cards, I could actually feel my heart beating in my chest. I had never read such an exegesis. From my newly gained understanding, I could see that everyone else had gotten it all wrong.

I eventually wrote it in a book which I published on an internet book printer site for my own use. I have read it many times in the last eight years and find that it is still exactly on course. This is why I know that whenever the phrase ‘Peace Process’ is used, the real meaning is ‘The New World Order (NWO) Process’. The major nations of the world will form a new alliance and economic block by making Europe, the US and, of course, Israel as a single unit. The reason they originally decided to include Israel was spiritual. Because the Messiah would reign from Jerusalem, they needed Jerusalem to function as the capital city of the NWO in order to bind the people under a higher authority.

The beginning of the NWO will be when Israel signs a peace treaty with the Islamic Nations of the Middle East. As this cannot happen without Jihadism having been eliminated, we can be sure that Jidahism’s days are almost over. I have an idea how this will happen, but this is not the right format for revealing this. All I’ll say is that the next war will involve all the Jihadist nations attacking Israel. This is a long-hoped for manifestation of international diplomacy. Once they attack, the long awaited payback can be legitimately delivered, with power. The war will be over in matter of days, making the Six Day War seem long and drawn out. When the war is over, the enemies of Israel will be deflated to the lowest level possible so that even they will gladly sign the peace treaty with Israel. This time, the peace treaty will have teeth and the support of the major nations of the world so that the whole of humanity will recognize that the threat of terrorism is forever ended. The NWO will be established, and the leader will be a Jew. I know he’ll be Jewish and that he is an enthusiastic supporter of abortions and any other population control mechanisms. He will have no regard for the God of his forefathers. With the signing of the document, the first of two three-and-a-half-year periods will begin. The G-8 will be expanded to the G-10, after which an eleventh country, smaller than the other but with the biggest mouth (Israel), will replace three of them and so become the leader of the world financial system. This man, known as the Anti-Messiah will immediately initiate the construction of the third temple, eventually to be used for his own worship. There will be absolutely no resistance from any source.

He will be recognized as the Messiah because he brought peace and caused the building of the third temple. The Jews still living in the Diaspora will believe the Messiah has arrived and desire to finally make aliyah, all twelve million of them! Israel will need to build neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities by the hundreds. This gigantic building project will ignite a world-wide prosperity, making all the nations involved wealthy. War will disappear. No wars, no terrorism, no borders. The world will have its first taste of unfettered freedom and unbelievable prosperity. People will go where they want for the first time ever. What the Anti-Semites of the world long feared, the Jewish dominion of world finances, will become the solid reality; and they’ll love it! The world will have nothing but praise for the Anti-Messiah. What they won’t notice so much is that he is leading the world with the double-edged sword of humanism and prosperity. Since everyone will be able to accept the fact that the Messiah has obviously come, he will declare all religions to be null and void since all major religions reached their fulfillment with the arrival of the Messiah. He will immediately cancel all tax advantages currently enjoyed by churches and synagogues and any other religious organizations and issue the order to forbid their further existence. The people will be happy to go along with that. It will make sense. If any reject the action at the onset, the prosperity and freedom will soon convince them that the Messiah has indeed arrived. Imagine the perfect society in which everyone is an equal. We are all siblings and happily accept all peoples. With religion having been outlawed, human history’s major source of derision and division will have been removed. No more religion. Try to wrap your mind around that! The Temple will function as a symbol of benevolence for the Anti-Messiah.

After a year or so of unbridled prosperity and no country desiring to make war, the world will love, love, love the Anti-Messiah. The military industrial complex will implode and nobody will care. No more missiles, ammunition, defensive planes, tanks and armies. Finished! Imagine, no more war, no more religion! If only John Lennon could have witnessed it.

Sometime during the middle of the first period, two men will suddenly appear on the scene who, from the perspective of the Anti-Messiah and all those enjoying the freedom and prosperity, are nothing but troublemakers. I’m convinced they will be Elijah and Enoch, the only two who did not die, but were removed by God from the world without first tasting death. They will openly, loudly and consistently call for the people of the world to repent of their ways and connect their souls to God, then follow His written Torah laws. Additionally, they will be rightly proclaiming, ‘This man who you call Leader, is not the Messiah. You are being deceived!’ It’s not hard to imagine that the world will despise them, but the two witnesses will not be able to be harmed. They will be hated yet God will protect them from being hurt in any way.

At the half-way point, someone (I have no idea who or how) will deliver a blow to the head of the Anti-Messiah, causing his death.

To be continued.

About the Author
Describing their life as an adventure with God, Yeriel and his wife Gabrielah, met God while living far out in the wilderness of Alaska, then followed His leading to eventually go to Romania where they spent six years doing social work and helping the elderly Jews of the Falticeni/Suceava area before making aliyah. When they made aliyah they gave up their other citizenships, claiming Israel as their only home.