When Things Go From Bad To Worse

It was shocking to hear on television Arutz 2 an interview between Roni Daniel, our leading military commentator, and Amnon Abramovich, the interviewer.

Commenting on the deterioration of the coalition government and the sudden removal of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Roni Daniel, a renowned commentator on military affairs, slammed his fist on the table and declared “I would not object if my sons chose to leave Israel”.

Such words have never before been spoken by government members, leading politicians or radio & television commentators. Especially no one with the high standing of Roni Daniel.

It is further illustration of lack of faith in Netanyahu’s coalition and an expression of disgrace of his treatment of our beloved Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon.

For Roni Daniel, things are going from bad to worse. And a large segment, almost a majority of voters, agree with him. The despicable treatment of Ya’alon by Prime Minister Netanyahu shamed us all and brought disgrace to our country. Ya’alon had a distinguished long career as chief of staff in the military and was considered a bright star in his post as Defense Minister.

The appointment of Avigdor Liberman as a replacement to the dismissed Ya’alon is the equivalent of trading in a Mercedes-Benz for a Kia. High class for low class.

A brash and arrogant extreme right-wing politician who does not support a Two-State solution, who insists on increasing settlements in Judea and Samaria, who is not interested in discussions with the Palestinians and who is not a friend to the Prime Minister, a man who seeks the overthrow of Abu Mazen as president of the weak Palestinian Authority, holds out very little hope for peace efforts.

Netanyahu played the misfortunate role of choosing a harlot over a beautiful character, as man of noble principles and high ethics, a man beloved and honored by the military leaders for his convictions.

“Aich naflu ha gibborim”…. How have the mighty fallen. A man like Ya’alon who has many years of experience in the military and defense services of Israel has been deposed to be replaced by a man with zero experience in defense and lowly military service achieving only the rank of corporal.

What is the guarantee of our safety and security under a Liberman? Very little, is the concensus of the Israeli public, incensed by Netanyahu’s disgraceful behavior to a loyal and faithful servant, simply to gain five more Yisrael Beiteinu seats to increase the Likud coalition from 61 to 66 seats. It is like selling one’s soul to the devil.

In an exceedingly brilliant op-ed written by our dynamic editor, David Horovitz, he condemns the firing of Moshe Ya’alon, substituting it with the award to the post of Defense Minister to a totally incapable Avigdor Liberman.

David Horovitz and I must be twin brothers. Our thoughts, our feelings, our frustration, our exasperation, our hopes and dreams for a better and more secure Israel are alike. It is telepathic that our words are the same, although he writes in a more eloquent style than I do.

David Horovitz is crying out for a return to sanity, mourning the loss of it at the highest levels. His words, like those of Roni Daniel’s, must strike fear into the hearts of all Israeli citizens who disdain the mal-treatment of Moshe Ya’alon and the appointment of Bibi’s arch rival who will seek to overthrow him when it pleases him to do so. We long for a return to a democratic system with all extremist and fascist elements and policies abolished immediately.

Roni Daniel’s heartbroken words…. “I would no longer care, as I once did, if my sons choose to leave Israel”…. causes pain and anguish to all of us.

I hope his sons will decide to remain loyal sons of the moledet on the soil of the moledet.

Roni Daniel’s fear that we are going from bad to worse is frightening. And David Horovitz and I are in agreement.

The question is: how much worse can it get?

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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