When we relinquish our own morals for theirs

Israel in choosing to protect her citizens is under a barrage of attacks from all over the world. The critics of Israel’s military defensive actions range from the ignorant, who do not even know where Israel is on a map, to the deceptive Islamic states hiding behind Israel’s “atrocities” in order to keep the world busy while they commit horrendous crimes against humanity. In fact the condemnations seems so loud and deafening that if you didn’t know better you would assume that Israel was the vilest nation in the history of the world. Supporters of Israel will argue that there is a double standard occurring, which is completely true, but I would go farther and say that there is something more sinister happening: the west in her naïve fashion is being led to relinquish her own morals for the morals of another civilization.

The United Nations is a perfect microcosm of what is to come and what is already happening in western civilization. Right after World War II this world body was created with the purpose of protecting innocent victims from war, persecution, and genocide. In its idealistic hay day it assumed that members of the organization would conform to the values of the west which encompasses freedom and safety for everyone. Unfortunately, the United Nations in trying to be a global presence welcomed into its halls nations that not only didn’t uphold its ideals but blatantly treated their citizens contrary to everything for which the UN originally stood.

This is when the UN started to become a tool. Small states, supported by the Soviet Union at the time began to use the United Nation’s organizations and systems to protect themselves from world condemnation. They placed themselves in seats of power in every area they could, from the General Assembly, to the United Nations Human Rights Council to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. In doing so they were not only able to hide behind the UN they were able to use it like a puppet to manipulate how the world would respond to crises across the globe. In order to protect themselves they turned the attention away from their crimes by condemning other nations, generally Israel, of crimes against humanity. The condemning nations began to use the vocabulary of the west but changed the meaning of the words to suit their agendas. For example in 1975 the UN equated Zionism with racism, redefining completely what Zionism means, what racism means and how the West now views both.

Today the UN is no longer just a haven for secular despots, but for Islamist terror states like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Qatar. These countries are actively seeking to change the UN’s moral code to represent that of Islam while simultaneously using the vocabulary of the West. We are seeing it today where countries rooted in Islam are going to the United Nations Human Rights Council using the word genocide to galvanize the ill-informed, making people believe that there is an evil plan on the side of the Israeli army, when in fact Israel is fighting a defensive war to protect her citizens. Everyone who submits to their redefinitions are choosing to relinquish their Western moral code for that of Islam. Those Westerns don’t necessarily realize that their vocabulary is being used against them and thus are going along with their puppeteer.  They passively are accepting the bastardization of the Western language. In doing so the West is relinquishing the morals of the West for the morality of radical Islam. The West in turn is becoming complacent in true genocide while simultaneously defaming other nations. The West no longer sees right from wrong according to the ideals of human dignity and freedom but rather according to the completely opposite beliefs of submission and degradation. In relinquishing our morals at the UN first we are eroding the fabric of Western Society and we are seeing the results no longer just in the halls of buildings in Geneva and New York but in the streets of Paris, London, Calgary and Chicago to name but a mere few. At first it is just supporting a terrorist organization like Hamas who is thousands of mile away, which you argue is now a legitimate body because you’ve been falsely told by the Islamists at the UN that Israel is perpetrating genocide; then it is silence as the Islamic State cuts across Syria and Iraq and flies flags in front of the Hague while they are actually committing a genocide, a silence that echoes the desires of the terror states at the United Nations who aren’t condemning the atrocities.

We have a choice to take back our language and take back our moral code and to stop living by the standards that have become accepted in the offices of the United Nations or to continue watching the evolution of Western morals to Islamist ones.

About the Author
Yael Weinstein joined the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education as a faculty member in 2009. Yael earned her M.A. in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University, focusing on the topics of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity. At Brandeis, Yael worked as a teaching assistant for Dennis Ross, former U.S. Ambassador. Yael also works with the curriculum development team at the international Melton office at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.