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When Will It Snow in Jerusalem

Accumulation Snow Forecast for Thursday Morning

Good Afternoon:

We’ve completed our highest resolution forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening.¬† Based on this forecast,¬† rain should change to snow in Jerusalem in the late morning or early afternoon. Blizzard conditions during heavy snow in the afternoon and evening.

Forecast snow amounts are 5-10 cm in the city, and 20 to 30 cm on the higher peaks outside of Jerusalem, including the mountains to the north (Shomron) and south (Gush Etzion).

Snow is indicated to fall on the higher peaks of the desert (including Mitzpe Ramon), and along the Golan.  Some snow will fall in Safed as well.

Expect possible wind damage in the coastal areas and central mountains, and flooding in the Jordan Valley, including the Dead Sea basin.

Stay safe,

Barry Lynn

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Dr. Barry Lynn has a PhD in Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences. He has an undergraduate degree in Biology. He is a researcher/lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is the CTO of Weather It Is, LTD, a weather forecasting and consulting company.
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