Edward S. Beck
Edward S. Beck

Where is Our Million Person March To Stand Against Antisemitism?

Imagine A Million Person March To Stand Against Antisemitism

Antisemitism is on the rise around the world and especially in America. Instead of complaining about it, we must do something with positive outcomes to call attention to it and defeat it.

For whatever the reason, Jews are facing more overt physical intimidation and violence,  ostracism and covert discrimination than ever before with well financed campaigns to promote antisemitism are taking hold under a misguided protection of Freedom of Speech in the constitution.

The haters are always going to hate and so it must cost them dearly to act out on their hate, whether it be physically, behaviorally, intellectually or emotionally.
Like with any other form of discrimination, there must be imposed sanctions protected by law and it must be supported from both the pulpit and our advocacy positions.
The American Jewish community and our friends better “get woke” to this simple reality and stop this increasing “open season” on Jews, whether in the streets of New York or the campuses in Indiana, Columbia or San Francisco State University. Whether in a Pittsburgh of California synagogue, a Kosher Market or from the haters from both the right and the left whether in the Halls of Congress or from local town councils suggesting Jews are getting what they deserve.
I hereby call upon all of our Rabbinate and Jewish Advocacy groups from the most observant to the most liberal and secular to convene a world wide Congress of Jewish Leadership from around the world to convene to work together with shared resources, purpose and vision to develop pathways to combat antisemitism with the understanding we must be on the same page and must work together with shared resources, common purpose and unified leadership. We have too many groups with too diluted and too many duplicated efforts going on as cottage industries for a handful of people and no longer speak with unified voices despite claim. While working on multiple fronts is always a good thing, we need coordination, prioritization and targeted priorities with strategies that have measurable results, reward those who succeed and cut loose those who are not on the team. The alphabet soup of organizations claiming responsibilities for any small successes far exceeds those that will take responsibility for the failures that occur. Success has many parents, while failure is an orphan.
We must form alliances with faith groups and anti-prejudice groups from different faith groups, not just in our communities but with national organizations and spiritual leaders. We must have our Million Person March Against Antisemitism. We must be a people undivided and not so hypercritical of ourselves that we continually shoot ourselves in each others’ foot.

Our leaders need to stop the “kvetching” and come up with effective action strategies with measurable and enduring results whether it be legislative or programmatic, litigious or economic or all of the above. Praying, writing a check, education and “being a good Jew,” are no longer enough. It’s gotta cost for haters to hate and we must develop the mechanisms to make sure that haters be held accountable at ever step of their evolution. We need to be proactive and committed to winning this challenge.

Let your Rabbis and organizational leaders know you want to make this a priority in 2020.

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