Where it’s fine to kill Jews

So now its official. Europe, especially France, loves its Jews and has vowed to protect them. Armed to the teeth they will guard the schools and the synagogues and come down with the full weight of the State against those  who threaten them. The Jews however do not want to become museum exhibits sealed in aspic.They want simply to be able to lead normal every day lives like normal every day people.

But just as in the fairy tale where the frog turns into a Prince a terrorist becomes a freedom fighter when he crosses that magic barrier into the borders of Israel or the territories it administers. Here Europe in particular and the world in general has given them a free pass to kill Jews or at the very least understand the reasoning for it.

Much of the comment which proceeded or followed this latest outrage against humanity was far from reality, built round a cocoon of political correctness. The French political commentator Agnes Poirier, well known for her frequent appearances on the BBC news programme “Dateline London” was asked shortly after the siege at the kosher grocery started if she thought there was an anti-Semitic angle to the occupation of the Jewish mini market. She answered with an emphatic “No,” and said it could just have easily been a Catholic school.

We now know that she was half correct. It was meant to be a school. The Jewish one up the road which was somehow spared a massacre.

Piers Morgan, a very familiar face as an ex British national newspaper editor and CNN anchor demanded that the heads of Muslim States should go public and speak out against terrorism and these manifestations of extreme Islam. No where in the article was the word “Jew” mentioned in any context. It’s the elephant in the room which was ignored.

Both of these commentators have a history of condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians while at the same time making no allowances for the fact that Israel is a democracy, all be it like others with flaws,swimming in a sea of hatred and demagogue. The terrorists these journalists frequently rush to the defence of have no understanding of the word democracy only contempt for it.

This attitude has become endemic in large parts of Western society. There those on the left who view this struggle through a political prism. They cannot understand a sophisticated people clinging to an ancient religion which they feel should long ago have been consigned to the dustbin of history. Those on the far right simply hate Jews period, while others are simply influenced by the frequent drip drip of accusations,many half truths and some down right lies.

Earlier last year the British National Union of  Journalists defeated a motion to boycott Israeli goods. Not because they were generally against it but because they believed it might make life difficult for British journalists working in that country.

The journalist, if you can call him that, who introduced the motion, Alan Gibson, who represented the London Magazine Branch , went on to describe Israel as ” the biggest bully in the world.” Even by the standards of tabloid journalism this statement is so far off beam that if it were not so serious you would laugh out loud. Tell that to the journalists slain in Paris last week. Tell it to the employees of the 150 newspapers and magazines in Turkey  closed down by the ” freedom loving,” President Erdogan.. .. that is if you can find them as many are in prison under lock and key.

Piers Morgan referred to his Catholic background in the article.Perhaps one day he will recall the words of the German Pastor Niemoller who wrote that he took no action when the Nazis came for socialists , trade unionists, and Jews. So when they came for him there was no one left to turn to for help..

Personally I have been haunted for years by the face of the Israeli mother who appeared on a BBC documentary about the suicide bombers who wreaked death and destruction before the security wall was built to cut off the killer’s direct paths into  Israel’s heartland. This woman lost her baby who was killed in her pram by a bomb blast. Of course ever since the wall has gone up Israel has been pilloried for building it . Never mind that Britain built a similar wall in Ireland to keep Protestants and Catholics from each others throats, and in Baghdad where the Americans built a wall to stop Shia and Sunni Moslem’s blowing each other apart.

The mother in the documentary, fighting back tears, stared into the camera and said:” Don’t worry you in the West will be next.”  It was prophetic. But apparently we still are not listening.

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Adrian Needlestone quit sixth form at 17 to follow his dream to become a journalist. So desperate was he that he accepted a wage of £6 a week for six days work as an office boy at what was then London largest independent news agency, The Fleet Street News Agency. After making tea and buying sandwiches for six months he was given the opportunity to cut his working week down by one day and cover the East London Crown courts in those days known as Quarter sessions Courts. The bread and butter work was the local paper contracts the agency held with the occasional national story being cream on the top. During 18 months covering the courts stories in the nationals became the norm rather than the exception and he was quickly switched back to the main office in Clerkenwell to work with the news team. At the age of 21 came his first big break when Murdoch took over the Sun newspaper and promptly hired the agency’s news editor and most of the senior staff. In a leap of faith the agency head promoted him to news editor but confided many years later that it was the “cheap” option which if he sank that was life and if he swam so much the better. Seven years later after working regular evenings on the Mirror and the Mail he joined the Evening standard on the news picture desk. From there he moved on to the National Enquirer in America, the News of the World, BBC national radio and ran the news section of the Derek Jameson TV magazine programme on Sky. After 25 years in the business he decided to slow down and turn his hand to business but he never enjoyed the success in that world to match his career in Fleet street. Semi retired he has now taken to the internet and is writing a blog as well as simultaneously trying to write three books, one about his time on the News of the World which he hopes to launch through Kindle in about six weeks.
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