Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Where We Come From

Sometimes, to know where we’re going, it’s important to know from where we’re coming.

Take a bow and arrow. The archer pulls back very far, aims, and then let’s the arrow fly toward the target. Pulling back gives momentum, aiming gives focus, and letting it fly gives completion.

When we know where we come from, it provides us with motivation and purpose. When we carefully plan our steps, it gives us guidance. And when we do the act, we accomplish.

Interestingly, most of the archer’s time is spent on the preparation, pulling back just right, and aiming carefully. The actual letting go and shooting the arrow takes a split second.

So where do we Jews come from? Abraham Isaac Jacob, Sarah Rivkah Rachel and Leah. Fathers and Mothers who G-d became close to, and to whom G-d promised that their children will be as many as the stars of the sky, giving light to all the nations. Fathers and Mothers to whom G-d promised, that the holy land of Israel is G-d’s gift to the Jewish people.

So where do we come from? From holy people. And where are we going? To a holy land. Why? Because we are a holy people.

So now that we have the momentum and the guidance, we fulfill His commandments and we await for that moment when G-d will complete everything.

And then, we will dance and rejoice, in the third Temple which will shine and illuminate the world, as the entire Jewish people rejoices with our ancestors, Abraham Isaac Jacob, Sarah Rivkah Rachel and Leah, as we all rejoice with G-d who kept the promise.

May we see it very soon.

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