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Kerry heads for home empty-handed but undeterred | The Times of Israel 

Mr. Kerry may be going home empty-handed but he’s not the only one.

We are all still missing out on a solution here; there is not even the suspicion that something might be coming down the pipe-line to remedy matters anytime soon.

It can hardly be described as a satisfactory state of affairs when nothing except violence seems able to fill the vacuum created by mankind’s persistent failure to end this 66 year-old conflict. The continuing cost in human lives and the extraordinary levels of expenditure and pain associated with such a poor performance should be proof enough that patient negotiation and ever so gentle persuasion are unlikely to make the situation any better. If anything, the expectation must be that there is worse to come.

And the current response to all this has flown away with Mr. Kerry in his taxpayer-funded jet plane, no doubt to be rehashed, warmed over and served up yet again at some venue on his 11th visit to the region.

At some point, every one of us will have to get a damn sight more serious about how we all go about solving this business.

And the trick, as ever, is simply to make sure that we scare it far more that it scares us.  


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