Who Are The 100 People Most Influencing Jewish Life?

The Public Relations war which Israel faces is indeed a very real battle which influences politicians, minds, hearts, pocket books and so much more. From the liberal media which is so often Anti-Israel to Al-Jazeera who continues to expand, grow and succeed, Israel is regularly denigrated and harmed by the media.

As CEO of 5WPR, so often I hear from Jewish journalists of their need to be “im-partial” and of the need to “present both sides of the issue.”  Of course, their impartiality is anything but truthful – and the agenda of helping Israel and the Jewish people is vitally important.

Tonight in New York City, The Algemeiner Journal hosted a star-studded event where it unleashed its first annual ‘JEWISH 100’ list of the ‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life.”

As the description for the list said: Throughout millennia of tumultuous Jewish history, our people have been inspired and led by a select few. Icons revered by the Jewish community have included powerful military leaders, prophets, visionaries, scholars, innovators, pioneers, kings, saints, politicians and righteous gentiles. What they all share in common, is their appreciation of the unique contributions of the Jewish people in serving as a voice of moral conscience for mankind and their willingness to make sacrifices for its continuity.” The list of the top 100 people alive today… and people who have a significantly positive influence on the important Jewish or Israel related events of our time.”

In front of attendees as diverse as Dr. Ruth and criminal defense attorney Benjamin Brafman, community leaders including Rabbi Arthur Schneir, Malcolm Hoenlein, Abe Foxman and others, a star-studded crowd heard of the importance of media from Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel who reminded the audience of the power of words.

The awaradees on the The 1st Annual Jewish 100 list included Dr. Ruth Wisse of Harvard, Matisyahu Miller (the musician – sans beard), technology visionary Yossi Vardi, Steven Spielberg, John Hagee of Christians United for Israel, Billionaire Warren Buffet, Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky of Chabad, Howard Kohr of AIPAC, Efi Stenzler, the Chairman, KKL-JNF, Brigadier General Daniel Gold (the inventor of The Iron Dome), Rabbi Sholom Lipskar (Aleph Institute, The Shul), Petr Necas (Prime Minister of the Czech Republic), Tamir Pardo (Director of the Mossad), the richest Jew in the world Sheldon Adelson, Philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, the youngest Knesset member Stav Shaffir, Putin’s buddy, Rabbi Berel Lazar the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Avi Mayer of the Jewish Agency, and, naturally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And to ensure that there’ll be plenty of debate –  for every 2 Jews there’s 3 opinions – President Barack Obama was named on this list.There were palpable chills in the room as the recipients were named and Ido Aharoni, Consul General for the State of Israel spoke of the importance of standing together to support the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Am Israel Chai – The People of Israel Live!

No matter how many people on the list you agree or disagree with, publications like The Algemeiner, The Times of Israel, and other Pro-Israel publications which tell the truth about Israel and the Jewish people are simply vital.  The Jewish 100 list can be viewed at www.algemeiner.com

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