Mark Haringman

Who are the real Nazis?

As we prepare for the ‘event’ on July 4th when a group of thugs will turn up to Golders Green to exercise their ‘right’ to tell the London Jewish community how we should organise our own communal protection, I have been reflecting on who are the ‘real’ Nazis?

At least the thugs with the swastikas tattooed on their foreheads are obvious and wear their ‘colours’ on their forearms. They make no bones about their anti-semitism and we can deal with their sickening politics.

We know where we stand with these fools.

However, there is a more insidious enemy afoot. They hide behind left wing and liberal politics and befriend us as Jews whilst condemning us for having a homeland for our people.

This enemy is not so easy to identify.

They smile at us and want to stand with us on the 4th but behind our backs they are dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel. To me, this is a more serious threat to our community than a tattooed thug with an emblem of evil on a flag.

If only the real enemy would make their true intentions so obvious!

I call on communal bodies/leaders to be more careful who they engage with as such alliances may be used to legitimise their cause and creates an illogical segregation between Jews and Israel. We must never allow this to happen. We cannot allow Israel to be delegitimised, we cannot allow shady groups to separate Jews from the state of Israel.

Please, please research the groups and individuals that want to stand with you and be sure you understand their motives and rationale. Don’t be used to provide the ‘some of my best friends are Jewish’ defence. DON’T legitimise their hatred for Israel and the ongoing existence of worldwide Jewry.

Mark Haringman, UKFoI

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