Who are these barbaric perverts?

How was your NYE? Did you celebrate at all?

Well, in case you haven’t heard about it yet, this year’s NYE in Cologne, Germany, culminated in a tragic, massive and collective incident of sexual harassment which resulted in over 80 assaults  reported to the police. That’s right – in just one night.

Which makes me wonder …

Who are these barbaric perverts, who saw it fit to assault, molest, humiliate, assail and terrify dozens of women who went out to celebrate NYE in Cologne, Germany?

Who are these one thousand beasts, who monstrously lurked, growled, groped, grabbed and mistreated not just body parts, but women’s dignity, pride and honour?

Who are these medieval monsters who think that women are just possessions, donkeys to use and dispose of, stupid objects designed to alleviate their most primal needs?

Who are these grotesque, lecherous brutes who cheered, encouraged, applauded and emboldened each other in this sort of gross meat feast?

Who are these freaks who managed – just in a few hours – to terrorize millions of people, who will now fear for themselves, for their friends, for their daughters, for their sisters, for their granddaughters, for their mothers, everytime they go out? Who are these freaks who put fear in their hearts, shame in their bodies, screams in their throats?

Who are these irresponsible governments who first let this happen and now shrug their shoulders?

Who are these so-called feminists who don’t hesitate to point fingers when aggressors are the same colour as them, but who will rather overlook this sick incident least they be accused of racism?

Who are these short-sighted citizens who think that you can transplant centuries of male superiority and total disregard for women’s rights, plant in Europe, add a bit of water and expect total respect for women?

Who are these idiots that blame alcohol, high heels and mini-skirts?

Who are these fools who believe that there is no need for feminism in the 21st century?

Who are these hypocrites who will now use this disgrace to bash all immigrants while absent-mindedly grabbing female bums in a club, while thinking that when a woman says no, what she means deep down is yes?

Who are these otherwise outspoken human-rights activists who choose to cowardly look the other way when these rapists are very likely not born in Germany?

Who are these cowards who look away, delusionally pretending that this is just a one-off, silly incident because they have to be PC at any price?

And who are we if we get used to this carnival of female degradation?

Who are we if we don’t put an end to this?

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Born in Spain, Mazal Oaknin established herself in London in 2007, where she teaches at University College London. Since then, her head has been bubbling with stories, ideas and jokes, and she can't wait to get them off her chest on this blog.
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