Who by Knife….

Today we mourn. Again.

I looked out of my window this morning and understood. Visibility was poor. I could only see what was directly in front of me. What lie ahead in the distance was hidden from my eyes by a thick mass of hazy dust. Today, no one wants to inhale the noxious air. It is unpleasant and painful, yet what choice do we have. We must breathe. We must go on. So we walk around with wounded hearts that can’t be bandaged while constant threats continue to surround us. Before we have a chance to grieve, we are hit again. Who will be next? No one knows. Like a modern day lamentation.

Who by knife
Who by rock
Who by gun
Who by car
Who by tunnel
Who on the street
Who at work
Who in their shul
Who on the bus
Who in their home

I know we must stay strong and “not let the terrorists win,” but they are doing a damn fine job of causing irreparable damage. They robbed us of good people from this world and, while they took some of our spirit of joy, they can’t take the spirit of good from us, not unless we let them. And we are letting them. They have pitted us against each other under our very own noses. We let tragedy degrade us when sister and brother cry out against one another and point fingers.

I beg you to stop.

Please stop playing the blame game even before our dead are buried. For it is that very behavior that divides us and makes us most vulnerable. If we truly respect and care about our terror victims, we should honor them by acting accordingly. Shame be on the house that fights in front of their dead. We all feel this pain. We all mourn. If this doesn’t unite us then we are hopeless.

Stop. Feel. Even if it is pain, but let’s do it together.

That’s the only way that Am Yisrael can truly Chai VeKayam.

About the Author
Aliza Lipkin fufilled her biggest dream by making Aliya in 2003 from the US. She resides happily in a wonderful community in Maaleh Adumim with her family. She is a firm lover and believer in her country, her people and her G-d. Her mission is to try and live a moral and ethical life while spreading insights based on Torah values to bring people closer together and help build a stronger nation.