Who do we have to blame?

Another 19 year old is DEAD.

While dozing on a bus, as we all do, he was stabbed to death… a 16 year old.

It’s no secret that anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are spreading like wildfire throughout the world faster than any STD or even the common cold. Don’t be fooled, the hatred is not just in the “far away” Eastern, Middle-Eastern and African regions; it’s everywhere. Also, you can fool yourselves into thinking that there is some huge difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, but for a Jew like the soldier murdered yesterday, Judaism meant serving his country and nation = Zionism. There was no difference.

We can try and blame the parents of the 16 year old cold blooded murderer who killed 19 year old Aden Attias z”l (may his memory be blessed), who most likely took a large role, whether active or passive, in infusing a large daily dose of hatred of the “Zionist monster” in their son’s water, food and air. Or, we can blame the radical movements like Hamas, the Islamic Brotherhood, the PLO, and the countless others who preach “peace to the world and death to the Jews”. We can blame the employees of UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) who are supposed to censor the textbooks they sponsor and provide for schools in Gaza, Judea and Samaria from all anti-Semitic and hatred based remarks, but don’t. We can blame the Israeli Government for not building a good enough fence and taking away many roadblocks. We can blame the IDF for loosening many of the protocols regarding searches at check points. We can blame the young overworked soldiers for being tired and not alert enough at certain times and letting potential criminals or terrorists slip by.

OR, we can rightfully blame ourselves.

WE are responsible for all of the above. Hopefully we are not directly responsible for funding the terrorist organization etc. Rather, we are certainly responsible for empowering them. The apologetic mentality of all too many Jews and westerners has allowed these hatemongers to gain legitimacy. In being afraid of becoming labeled as racists or hatemongers ourselves, we have only allowed the infectious bacteria of hatred to thrive and metastasize.

The time has come to stop apologizing for wrongs we have not committed. After releasing another 26 cold blooded murderers on October 30th with the naive hopes of garnering at least a miniscule improvement in Israel’s world status, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon shot those hopes down with Israel’s very own rifle. In the same breath he praised the release of the “poor prisoners” and vehemently condemned Netanyahu’s empty promise to build 1,500 new units over the imaginary Green Line. Israel was put in her place in the most global of forums. It should not take us getting to the pitiful situation where we are guilty of enabling and promoting future murders and terrorist attacks while simultaneously lying to our own people about something as simple as lowering the cost of rent while hopefully strengthening our grip on our land, to realize what is happening.

The time has come for us all to wake up. Even if you feel that you are strong, proud and only apologize when you actually should, not only can you improve and do more, more importantly you can help the countless blind start to see.

About the Author
Chaim Seligman is a Law student at Bar-Ilan University, President of the BIU Model UN Society and works in the University’s External Relations Department; Originally from Florida, Chaim now lives in the Merkaz and enjoys life as a student in the Jewish Homeland; Chaim’s true passions are Israel and the Jewish Nation’s eternal success.