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Who s ‘chickensh*t’ now, Tom Friedman?

I think you’ll have difficulty in identifying the person who wrote this yesterday:

Personally, I’m still dubious that the U.S. and Iran will reach a deal that will really defuse Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Such a failure would be very serious and could end up, one day, with the U.S. deciding it has to use military force to set back Iran’s program. We surely don’t want Iran to get a bomb that sets off a nuclear arms race in an already unstable Middle East.

That was Tom Friedman in the New York Times, contained in an article wherein he lambasted Binyamin Netanyahu regarding his forthcoming Congress speech, an article which ended:

Just lie low, Mr. Netanyahu. Don’t play in our politics. Let America draw its own conclusions.

Now, besides the chutzpah and disrespect, which Friedman permits himself by exploiting his Jewishness (always in the negative, however) I think there’s a problem which Friedman, as usual, avoids: he and his heroes are, okay, could be wrong in their thinking, their introspection and their operation conclusions. In addition, exactly who is playing in whose politics?

I will not get into the question of: if Netanyahu was termed as “chickenshit” fearful, – and has that official been punished? – why are the Obama supporters so upset about Netanyahu’s decisions?  Isn’t he simply proving them wrong even on that aspect of his supposed character?  That he can’t make decisions?  Perhaps it is, as Friedman now admits, Obama can’t make the decisions that would truly force Iran to halt its destructive plans?

Friedman writes:

Netanyahu’s concerns about Iran are not without merit. But his aggressiveness is also not without critics in Israel.

Again, the reverse discrimination mode – Netanyahu is criticized in Israel which means – yes, Mr. Friedman, which means what?  It means that Israel is a democracy, it means that we are a mature society to debate such issues and it also means that if Obama has opponents in the US who criticize him and his policies, what should Israel think?

Friedman is illogical in building a case for Netanyahu not to explain to the US Congress his case for an Iran policy that will have disastrous results not only for Israel, the Middle East and Europe but America as well.

Exactly who is a chickensh*tter, Tom, Bibi or Barack?

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