Who the hell do you vote for in Europe if you’re a Zionist lefty? Thanks

It’s Election Day in Spain. After (more than) 4 years of dirty lies, a terrible yet continuous brain drain, sky high unemployment rates, shameful disappointments caused by shameless stealing, and a very worrying decrease in civil liberties, us citizens have the right to tell the past and present professional thieves in power to F… off and to try and shape a better future for our country. How I longed for this day!

Rest assured — I’m not the best political commentator out there. But, if I may, I’d like to ask you to lend me a hearing ear (and a reading eye) because sadly this will be my main contribution to the debate. Due to a combination of a delayed flight and two failed Bla Bla Cars that have left me stranded (Its’ OK, revenge is best served cold and uber bitchy reviews are on their way) it looks like I won’t be able to make it to my hometown on time to vote. €¥#£%#£/#£%#£!!!!

Now, the truth is, although I would have really liked to have a say and help put an end to this string of thieves whose work is twofold — stealing our money and our hard earned social rights — up until this morning, I wasn’t really sure who to vote for. Even then, my decision was only informed by rumours on blogs and the like.

Not very serious, I know. But that’s what you resort to when you are both a lefty and a proud Zionist — you try to find out which candidate is the most pro-Israel.  Or, better put, who is the least anti-Zionist of them all.

As a fourteen year-old all I wanted to do was change the world. I thought I was very sassy and knowledgeable. I used to attend inspiring and combative talks given by communist leaders as well as trials for those who refused to perform military service and applied to volunteer in Cuba. With time, I saw the clear flaws in these systems and ended up distancing myself from these organisations, but the fire for social justice kept burning inside me. Mostly only inside me — as soon as I started becoming more passionate about Israel and more observant, it became clear that someone like me would never fit in those circles. What was the alternative? Turn into a self-hater who would be asked to support BDS ideas and the like? Or turn a blind eye to the hypocritical and fake obsession with Israel and instead focus on domestic policies?

Pathetic as it sounds, it’s now 2015 and nothing has changed since then. I am Spanish and I am so proud of our fantastic National Health Service (to the extent of avoiding going to the doctor’s in London, where I reside), of the fact that our university fees are much lower than those in the UK or USA (although they have been shamelessly raised), of the fact that any couple can marry if they so wish, of the fact that we have (or used to have) monetary and practical help to take care of our elderly and dependent, etc. etc.

I want to vote for that, and for much more. I really want to. But what would be a proud exercise becomes sickening and heart-wrenching when the main parties that support those rights basically deny Israel the right to exist. Ultimately, they refuse to acknowledge Israel’s unique situation amidst a sea of enemies, refuse to accept that terrorism against Israelis is happening on a daily basis and refuse to see that Israel has the right and duty to defend its citizens. In Spain – and in most of Europe – the same political parties that claim to foster cultural and commercial ties with Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Morocco and Libya, also claim to want to boikot Israeli products. The same political parties who champion gay rights and women’s rights support those who oppress and persecute them.

And I won’t turn a blind eye on this disgusting hypocrisy that is pure anti-Semitism.

I’m just a regular citizen who would probably have given up on voting proudly and would have just settled for the least bad candidate. But to think how many brilliant, convincing, proud young Jewish leaders the European left is automatically turning away, how obnoxiously and deeply, the European left is betraying what it is meant to stand for, is simply disgusting.

The right-wing party Partido Popular has been ruling Spain since 2011. They say that we get the leaders we deserve, and I hope to be wrong, but I’m sure that Partido Popular will be winning again tonight.

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Born in Spain, Mazal Oaknin established herself in London in 2007, where she teaches at University College London. Since then, her head has been bubbling with stories, ideas and jokes, and she can't wait to get them off her chest on this blog.
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