Why Am I A[n Older] Feminist?

I never believed that at the age of 63  I would still have to be an active Feminist. But unfortunately the world is not a friendly place for women. So here are some of the reasons why even older women, especially mothers, don’t have the luxury to withdraw and they have to become more involved. 

— I am a feminist because I am the mother of two daughters.

–I am a Feminist because there are still places in the world where women are killed,  enslaved and raped,  and other places they are “just” continuously abused and harassed.

—I am a Feminist because  girls should enjoy the same educational opportunities as boys

—I am a feminist because in the workplace women should  have the same chances as men, to advance in their career, and should receive equal pay

—I am a Feminist because we need equal number of women in the civil service, the Israeli Knesset and  the government.

—I am a Feminist because  there is not enough representation of women in the media,  and issues pertaining to women are hardly discussed.

—I am a Feminist because  pregnant women and young mothers should not be discriminated against in the job market and in the work place.

—I am a Feminist because women should feel comfortable to nurse their babies everywhere, without worry

—I am a Feminist because I detest sexist and undermining jokes and remarks.

—I am a Feminist because women should be able to walk alone at night wearing whatever they please.

—I am a Feminist because the workplace should be more friendly to women in general and mothers in particular, children are not the sole responsibility of their mothers.

—I am a Feminist because Carol Gilligan is right:  Feminism is Humanism

–I am also a Feminist because when I shopped for a car, the dealer talked directly to my partner and ignored me.  As a result I have to buy a car on my own.

Last year few days before the beginning of #MeTOO I heard an excellent  program on NPR: “Looking Beyond Marches” the Feminist Movement in 2017. 

One of the points raised was that Feminism should be less reactive and more proactive. At that moment I felt that something needed to be done, few minutes later I opened the Facebook group: Older and Experienced Feminists for Israeli women of all age.  As an older woman and a feminist I believe that we should be proactive rather than reactive. So instead of responding to the continuous misogynistic noise in the media we should ignore it and go on promoting important issues. It is only a Facebook group but it is a good place to learn and be truly proactive and engage in the many challenges that Feminism still face today.

About the Author
I have a PhD in English literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and I usually write about issues concerning women, literature, culture and society. I lived in the US for 15 years (between 1979-1994). I am widow and in March 2016 started a support/growth Facebook group for widows: "Widows Move O.," In October 2017 I started a Facebook group for Older and Experienced Feminists. I am also an active member of Women Wage Peace and believe that women can succeed where men have failed.
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