Why are there no pro Palestinian marches?

This past month has been particularly hard – hard for Israel, hard for the soldiers, hard for Jews inside Israel and around the world, and hard for the innocent Palestinians killed in this conflict.  One has to have a heart of stone to not be touched by little children looking terrified, or hurt, or bleeding.  So it begs the question of why across the entire world and across the hundreds of protests taking place, have there not been any protests for Palestinians?

Now, make no mistake, the protests that we have seen across the world have not been about being pro-Palestinian – they have in fact been everything, but pro-Palestinian.  Instead, they have unashamedly been anti-Israel and yes, anti-Semitic.  When protesters hold banners with the Israeli flag equalling the Nazi symbol, it is not about being pro-Palestinian.  When signs are held aloft, saying ‘Kill the Jews’ or ‘Exterminate Israel’, it is not about being pro-Palestinian.  When Jews in Paris are cowering in their synagogue in fear of another pogrom being unleashed upon them, it is certainly not pro-Palestinian. If these protesters who are so passionate and so caring and so shocked and so hurt and so heartbroken about what is going on in Gaza with the Palestinians, I pose a few simple questions.

Where are they when thousands of Palestinians are dying today in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria– dying of starvation, dying due to lack of medical care as well as being murdered in that bloody war.  Thousands of them have sought refuge in Jordan but have been rejected, as it is a Jordanian government policy to deport them back into the hell hole of Syria.  Will the protesters be holding candle lit vigils in protest against that? Similarly, the Lebanese government has closed the door on Palestinian refugees coming from Syria and forcibly deported them back into the despair from which they were seeking refuge.  Will the protesters who have been so vocal these past few weeks be marching on the UN to seek a Security Council resolution against Lebanon and Jordan?  How about holding a Jordanian flag equated with a Nazi flag for impact? Just the other day Hamas admitted with great pride that 160 children have died building their terror tunnels into Israel, but we can be quite sure there are many more.  Will the same protesters be petitioning UNICEF, whose role is the safeguarding of children around the world, to conduct an urgent investigation into this matter?  Surely these protestors who are pro-Palestinian would similarly demand an urgent investigation as to why the Hamas government has spent millions of dollars making rockets and used tonnes of cement and building materials in order to build tunnels when it was supposed to be spent building hospitals and schools and kindergarten. And of course, I expect the protesters of the world to be up in arms against the stated policy of Hamas to use human shields to protect their rockets, while they hide in tunnels underneath the cities, exclusive for Hamas terrorist use.

The cold and harsh reality is that there has not been a single pro-Palestinian protest to date. I truly feel deeply for the children of this conflict in Gaza, who through no fault of their own, are living a miserable existence.  It’s just a real shame the protesters around the world don’t feel the same.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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