Why are we still waiting?

What are we waiting for and who are we waiting for? Who will be the One? Who will be the Mashiach? There is a very simple answer to that: Certainly there have been many applicants, but nobody yet to fit the qualifications and qualities. If there would have been a successful candidate, he would have been anointed with oil and working in his position a long time already.The Hebrew word for Mashiach means “the anointed one”, meaning anointed with oil to serve God. All of Israel’s kings were anointed with oil; Saul, David, Solomon……..and we are still waiting, for the real Mashiach to arrive on the scene. There are rumors he is in Israel already, waiting to be revealed in public. We will know by what he will accomplish if has arrived or not. There is a long list of accomplishments he needs to fulfill.

According to the words of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan z”l, there are six main missions of Mashiach:

– “The primary task is to cause all the world to return to God and His teachings.

– He will restore the royal dynasty to the descendants of David.

– He will oversee the rebuilding of Jerusalem, including the Third Temple.

– He will gather the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

– He will restore the 71 sages of the Sanhedrin.

– He will restore the practices of the Sabbatical Year and the Jubilee Year.”The Jewish people are not easily impressed, but the above job description is very impressive and this is the righteous Mashiach. He will be a direct descendant of King David, on his father’s side. There are many Jewish families today that can trace their ancestry back to King David. When the day comes, and the process starts, may it be soon, it will be interesting to see if the political establishment willingly will be ready to give up their positions and give way for the greatest leader and political genius that the world has ever seen. With or without their consent, Jerusalem will become the spiritual capital of the world and monarchy restored to Israel.

About the Author
Born in Finland, Ruth Brunell lived in Australia for some time. She settled in Israel in 1996 with her husband and four daughters, and now lives in Jerusalem. Ruth has a variety of professions: cook, interior designer, and real estate agent.