Why can’t India be a homeland for Hindus?

If tomorrow, all Jews are being persecuted in the United States of America, who will give them the Refuge. Who will give solace to the millions of Hindus and Sikhs, if tomorrow Canada decides to expel them all?

Across the world, owing to the growing influence of alien culture due to the globalization, not only developing but all developed countries, have taken steps to protect their indigenous culture from getting extinct, and save people of their descent beyond their borders.

Every nation exercises its rights to protect their culture, language, religion, and ethnic identity from being overrun by foreign influence.

Persecuted Hindus in Pakistan

How Democracies Defend their Indigenous Identity from Foreigners

The United States of America:

The classical example of xenophobia has been witnessed in none other world’s oldest democracy USA that led Mr. Donald Trump to win the 2016 Presidential elections.

As Mr. Trump, assumed the charge of President, US tightened its rules for visa, citizenship and refugee status owing to the excessive influx of foreign citizens, challenging their socio-economic, religious and ethnic identity.

Even the rise in the assault on Africans American and Muslims in recent years is the outright signal of increasing resentment against migrants in the country.

Other instances of US’s protectionism are:

  • US tightened its rules for legal and illegal migrants’ intake from Mexico and Central American countries.
  • Building a wall along the Mexican border is the major decision taken under the Trump administration to defend itself from illegal migration that hurts its economy and spread drug menace.

Israel, The Only Homeland For Jews:

How can Jews, after getting a small piece of land on the coast of Mediterranean Sea, which they consider as their motherland, after 2000 years of exodus, afford to lose by inhabiting people who do not belong to them.

Israel does not let the Arabs, prominently Muslims; immigrate into their territory, which they love as their eternal homeland, to lose hold on it.

As Jews, considering Israel (only Jewish majority country) their place of origin, do not have any place to flee if they are persecuted anywhere in the world.

Whenever there is a Jews stabbed in the US, the country or people that stand with them is Israel. To stop the persecution of Jews across the world, Israel, as an only Jewish homeland, opened its borders to absorb the Jews from all over the world.

Millions of Jews from Europe, the Middle East and Africa migrated to Israel after the 1951 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees were passed.

United Kingdom: Brexit, the Savior of British Identity

Not to mention what has been brewing in the United Kingdom since 2016 just to regain their sovereignty, which has been evaporating British identity owing to unabated immigrant’s influx from European Union, hurting their society and economy as a whole.

Excessive immigration of Spanish, French, Germans, Polish, Bulgarians, Romanians, Pakistanis, Indians have caused a threat to their own existence.

This led Britain to exit from the European Union to guard their religious, ethnic and cultural identity against the rest of Europe along with the economy.

Who Should Absorb Persecuted Minorities Without Any Homeland

Genocide Of Yazidis By ISIS:

The Iraqi ethnic and religious minority that faced their execution on the hands of ISIS, was forced to flee Mount Sinjar in Iraq.

For having a reputation as ‘devil worshippers’, more than 500 Yazidis were killed and 40,000 trapped since the rise of ISIS in 2014.

More than 130,000 Yazidis fled the Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan to the north or Irbil.

As this happened, there were no takers for these country-less community in the Middle East.

 A Century Of Turkish Assault On The Kurds:

Nothing different happed to the world’s largest landless minority group, living in a region stretched across the parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia,

Despite being a sub-sect of Sunni Islam, they have been persecuted all across the region, since the formation of Turkey in 1923 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Their cultural and ethnic identity have been persistently crushed by the Turkish government, since the World War-1, as they do not have any homeland to go.

Druze: The Middle East’s Most Persecuted People:

Spread across the Syria, Iraq and Iran, Druze is one of the largest minority groups in the Middle East, that have faced their genocide when ISIS erupted in 2014.

Thousands of Druze people were brutally murdered by the ISIS and Al-Qaeda to end the non-Islamic influences in Syria and neighboring countries.

Since they do not have any homeland, and nobody wants to give them asylum, their existence looms around the uncertainty.

 Hindus’ Expulsion in Uganda:

Overnight, people of Indian origin, mostly Hindus, were ordered to leave the country as soon as Idi Amin became the President of Uganda in August 1972.

Out of 80,000 individuals of Asian descent in Uganda, (mostly Gujaratis), 4500 got their application for Indian citizenship accepted, while others emigrated to the UK, Canada and Kenya.

These incidents signify that if there is no homeland for a particular religious or ethnic identity, their fate revolves around persecution and extinction, as no country agrees to absorb them happily.

 No Homeland For Persecuted Hindus, Sikhs And Jains

Christian countries like US, England, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia etc. can not let Hindus, Jains and Sikhs immigrate there and change their country’s indigenous culture, language, religion and the way of life.

Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and Iran will never let them undermine their Islamic identity by giving permanent citizenship.

This again magnifies the question that, if there are more than 57 officially declared Muslim countries, more than 100 Christian countries and 8 Buddhist countries, then, “why should there not be a homeland for Hindus”, that stands for Hindus, if they are persecuted anywhere in the world.

Will CAA 2019 Lead India To Become A Hindu Homeland

The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 passed by the Hindu nationalist government led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that triggered a nationwide protest by Muslims, leaves the contentious question that “should India be declared a homeland for Hindus” unanswered.

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