Why Criticism of Israel Is Antisemitic

As the state of Israel becomes the target of an international campaign of criticism, it becomes natural to talk about the real reasons why such propaganda attacks are dangerous—why criticism of Israel is antisemitic. This is the most important consideration to undertake as the world experiences an explosion of terror, extremism, radicalism, racism, misogyny, and Jew-hatred.

The only country that the Jewish people have—is the state of Israel. This fact alone makes it antisemitic to criticize Israel. Other peoples, such as Arabs, Indians, Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Hispanics etc. have many countries that is their home. They have access to a whole set of territories to go to and easily live in with assimilation—but the Jews have only one state: the state of Israel.

Because if someone attacks the state of Israel, they are essentially attacking the only nation that the Jews have as their own, where they can live in peace, without having to look over their shoulder, worrying about another holocaust.

As a religion—and as a social group with historical ethnic connection to the prophets of the past and the patriarchs—the Jewish people have only one state to call their home.

But people from other religions, such as the Muslims and Christians have dozens of countries to go to and call home, in fact, the vast majority of the countries in the world are either Muslim or Christian, just think of how many Christian heritage countries exist for Europeans!

Furthermore, even in Africa the dominant religion is Christianity with 49% of people practicing a form of Christian faith, whilst Islam is the second largest religion with about 40% of the people identifying as Muslims.

Even Hindus have three countries where they are the majority: India, Nepal, and Mauritius.

This is precisely why there can be no compromise on the issue of Israel and its geographical boundaries which is why all negotiations are a waste of time. Israel cannot be asked to part with any of its territory, especially since it is an exceptionally tiny piece of land.

Shockingly, it is a historical fact that Israel has defeated virtually all attempts to remove Jews from their ancestral land. This truth is a difficult one to swallow for Arabs and even Muslims at large. Since the former sees it as an insult that anyone not of their ethnicity is in control of territory in the Middle East i.e., the Arab world, and the latter sees unbelievers occupying Islamic territory without restriction or discrimination.

In historical reality, there is a special connection between the Torah, which is the most important scripture in Judaism, and the land of Israel. Furthermore, the scripture, the land, and the people of Israel are irrevocably connected forever. There is no doubt about this: precisely because of this reality, criticizing Israel is an attack on the scripture, land, and people of Israel. And this is the most antisemitic you can possibly get.

Imagine if the West denied Muslims the right to live pray and implement their laws in Saudi Arabia, would this be Islamophobic? I think it certainly would be. Then by the same reasoning, denying Israelis to live pray and implement their laws in Israel, why is that not antisemitic? It is definitely antisemitic. But the world at large mostly does not follow this logic consistently for some reason, either due to ignorance or active hatred of Jews.

Due to the fact that the majority of Jews live in the state of Israel, and this country is the only explicitly Jewish one in the entire world, therefore criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Why? Because of the inseparable connection between Judaism and Israel, as well between Jews Judaism and the land of Israel and the state made for them. Criticism of one is criticism of them all, hating one is hating them all. This is why those who hate the Torah, hate Jews, Israel and even the history of the Jews, just look at Hitler! He is the perfect example of an antisemite.

If someone who hates the Arabic language—would it make sense for this person not to hate Islam? Obviously, the one who hates the Arabic language would certainly have to hate Islam to remain consistent since Islam is intrinsically linked to the Arabic language, and even linked to Arab customs and traditions, as conservative Islamic scholars are always reminding people.

But what if someone hates the state of Saudi Arabia—where the religion of Islam originated from, and where the holiest sites of Islamic faith exist—would this person truly be expected to like Islam or the Arabic language? Obviously not, there is an inseparable connection between Saudi Arabia and Islam, attack on one is an attack on the other. In the same way, an attack on Israel is an attack on Judaism, on the Torah, and is the greatest of antisemitic actions anyone can do.

One final point of observation before I conclude this article: criticism of Israel usually is accompanied by acts of violence against Jews worldwide. This is a fact that can be easily corroborated by searching online, reading studies, and talking to people. A perfect example is the murder and beheading of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. The terrorist who killed this Wall Street Journalist was actively against the state of Israel. And the result of his opposition to Israel was the murder of an innocent American Jew. This is the logical consequence of criticizing Israel—it leads to increased violence against Jews worldwide, the violent manifestation of antisemitism.

In conclusion, criticism of Israel is antisemitic precisely because there is only one state for the Jewish people in the whole world; whilst for the Christians, Muslims, and Hindus etc. there are many other states they can go to and call home. Furthermore, the historical connection between Jews and the land of Israel is rooted in religious scripture and in the collective memory of billions of people around the world, not only Jews or Israelis, this is why criticizing Israel especially its existence is deeply antisemitic. And criticism of Israel accompanies and leads to violence and terrorism against Jews, the clearest expression of antisemitism.

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Zalghi Khan is a former investment banker, who is currently training to become an accountant. He is the author of ten books, and specializes in economics, finance, and geopolitical issues. For him it is important to provide convincing answers to pressing questions, especially as it relates to global economic matters.
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