Why Did POTUS Joe Biden Wait Nearly One Month To Call Bibi?


Mazel Tov President Joe Biden For Calling Bibi


The above link takes you to the TOI story describing that long-awaited call.

I want to focus on the following paragraph contained in that story-

Netanyahu was the first Middle Eastern leader to receive a call from Biden, but the 12th world leader overall. The long weeks of silence since Biden took office had led many to wonder whether the White House was snubbing its longtime ally, given Netanyahu’s frosty relationship with former Democratic president Barack Obama and his overwhelmingly warm ties with the more recent Donald Trump.

The question I have is very simple-

Perhaps that was the first time Biden himself called another Middle Eastern leader, but is it possible that Biden’s staff made direct contact with other Middle Eastern leaders on Biden’s behalf?

Firstly, it was recently reported that Vice President Harris had been on the phone with other world leaders without Biden’s participation. Therefore, it is possible that Harris or other staff members could have been in contact with other Middle Eastern leaders as well.

However, I am posing that question for a totally different reason based upon the following article dated January 19, 2021 which appeared in the United With Israel site at the following link-


The article has a title which reads-

Ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, a Palestinian billionaire in Washington was exposed as the incoming administration’s life line to Mahmoud Abbas’ regime.

Then included in the first paragraph is the following-

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials expressed concern that the beginning of Joe Biden’s tenure will not lead to immediate policy changes with Israel due to internal U.S. strife and a new nuclear agreement with Iran. This hasn’t stopped PA brass from setting up an unofficial coordination system between the PA and the Biden government that has already led to significant developments in the Palestinian arena and even pushed Mahmoud Abbas to declare elections.

More Questions-

What Type Of Elections Are The PA Talking About?

If Abbas is referring to free and fair elections, then it is a big puzzle why the PA has suddenly declared elections now and not many years ago if they are so happy to have elections?

Will those elections feature other Palestinians who oppose the current way the PA is being governed?

Will the ballot boxes be secure enough to avoid ballot tampering, especially considering the many concerns which resulted from the recent US November elections?

During The Phone Call Between Bibi And Biden, Did Biden Address How He Would Deal With The Palestinian Terrorist Threats Facing All Israeli’s 24/7?  

If Biden claims he is worried about all Americans, then why did he wait so long to phone when he knows Israel is still under threat of attack from Palestinian terrorists?

What is Biden doing to dismantle those Gaza missiles, considering JFK had to deal with two enemies (Russia and Cuba), while Biden is dealing with Palestinians who appear to be his big friends?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As an American and an Israeli, I am even less confident now about chances for a genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians with Joe Biden as President.

Logic dictates that the President of the US would want to contact their only true ally in the Middle East, Israel, to discuss the future. Not wait nearly one month to do so.

As US President, it should be obvious to Biden who America’s genuine US Middle Eastern ally is.

At the moment, Biden seems to be having difficulty knowing the correct answer.

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