Alan Verbitzky
Alan Verbitzky

Why I am making Aliyah

Let me tell you why I’ve decided not to go back to my native Mexico where I could’ve lived a very comfortable life filled with maids and drivers.

Let me tell you why I’ve decided not to stay in NYC where I just finished my college degree, even though I had the possibility of having a dream job waiting for me right after graduation in the city that most people consider to be the capital of the world.

Let me tell you why, instead of all of that and all the other endless possibilities that this world offers, I’ve decided to make Aliyah.

I’m making Aliyah because Israel is the place that has it all (literally), because I believe in freedom, and because in Israel I can literally eat the best shwarma in the world every single day.

I’m making Aliyah because I have the best city to hang out in and the holiest city in the world just twenty-five minutes away from each other.

Because I believe in a world where we all should thrive together without mattering our religion, skin color, sex preference, gender, or economic status, and there is no better place than Israel to do that.

I’m making Aliyah, because I’m a Jew.

I’m making Aliyah, because Israel has always been there for me and now it’s time for me to be there for Israel.

I’m making Aliyah and have every intention of working in politics in Israel, because people like Anne Frank and many other millions whose lives were taken simply because of who they were, didn’t have a choice. I do have a choice, and I choose to help prevent my people to be left without a choice ever again.

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Because there are those whose lives and/or whose family members were taken just for being who they were, and I choose to do everything in my power and to dedicate my life to prevent that a single life is ever taken again for the same reason.

I’m making Aliyah because there’s nothing like Ben-Yehuda street and Mamilla Kenyon; there’s nothing like being able to float on a mass of water in the lowest point on earth; and because there’s nothing like being able to see the biggest landmarks of the most important religions of the world all together in one same place and being taken care of by the same country.

I’m making Aliyah because Israel is the only place where I feel my soul feeding itself, the only place where I really feel spiritual, the only place where I feel that feeling of transcendence.

I’m making Aliyah because I want to better the world, and helping Israel is the best possible way to do that.

I’m making Aliyah because I always wanted a big family, and in Israel I have 6,000,000 brothers and sisters.

I’m making Aliyah because it is time for me to go back home.

About the Author
Alan is originally from Mexico City where he lived until he was 20 years old. He was raised in a conservative-reform household. Alan moved to New York City when he was 20 years old to study Political Science at Yeshiva University. Just prior to that, he spent six months in Israel on a MASA program. Alan’s dream is to one day make Aliyah and to work for the Israeli Government so that he can help his home (Israel) and his fellow Jews all over the world.
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