Joshua Curiel
writer and activist

Why I’m voting for Luciana Berger

The 12th of December will be the first time that I can vote in a general election. And I’m thrilled that I can vote for a principled person like Luciana Berger.

Why should you vote for Luciana to represent F&GG?

  1. The ever-stoic-Beger has always stood up to antisemitism — and delivered one of the most moving speeches in parliament on the issue.
  2. She’s standing as a Lib Dem candidate — and passionately campaigns to remain in the European Union.
  3. She has consistently voted for equal gay rights.
  4. She has voted consistently to raise disability benefits.
  5. She has voted for measures to halt the climate crisis. And received a Guardian climate score of 83%.

To add to the excitement, she is ‘on course‘ to take F&GG.

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