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Why is Canada population so low compared to Russia? Both are very cold

Why is Canada population so low compared to Russia, when both are very cold and yet Russia is four times more populated than Canada?

Which capital city is colder – Ottawa or Moscow?

Yep, it’s Ottawa.

That’s despite the fact that Ottawa is TEN DEGREES OF LATITUDE FURTHER SOUTH.

You can’t even properly compare the other topography of the two countries.

Like the fact that Canada has a lot less soil over its range. We call it the Canadian Shield. That’s largely because in its history Canada has actually had a lot more glaciation than Russia.

In truth, the bulk of Russia’s population is on the European side of the Ural Mountains. Similarly, the bulk of Canada’s population is in the highly habitable St. Lawrence Valley/Great Lakes area.

The rest of Canada is a lot more like Siberia, the Asian part of Russia – cold and dry with limited areas for agriculture.

The European part of Russia is much like the rest of Europe. Lots of land for growing, forest resources (Moscow is largely surrounded by forest) good water routes (all the major rivers run through European Russia).

Canada is harsh. In most places it’s cold. Where it’s not terribly cold, it can be snowy (Ottawa is a lot snowier than Moscow too) or rainy (like Vancouver).

Meanwhile, Russia has a reputation for harshness that Canadians kind of stifle laughter about.

And of course, Russia had been inhabited for many more years before the colonization of Canada.

Just a Poke

Ninety year old Marvin “Zadie” Hubberman was in the hospital for a few days because of concerns about his blood sugar levels.

“OK Mr. Hubberman,” said the nurse, “time to check your blood sugar. Hmm…” she said as she examined his red fingertips that had been poked numerous times already. “Which finger should we use this time that won’t hurt too much?”

“Yours!” Zadie replied.

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