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Why Is No One Listening????

For over 30 years I have had a painting on my living room wall. It is of a Rabbi who has his palms up in the air, toward heaven… begging for God to hear his supplications.  I feel like that Rabbi-knowing what I now… know.

The Israel-Hamas war is almost three months-in, and counting… but this war has been poorly named. This war is not between only Israel and Hamas. It is between you and Iran.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live… you cannot hide. It is probably too late. No one told you to look at what was happening before your eyes, so you did not bother.  All the people you trust…the media…the internet… your government… your elected officials… your professors… they have all avoided their responsibilities towards you.  They all pretended that black is white and white is black…having absolutely nothing to do with racial issues… but with the facts presented to them, which they chose to ignore or rationalize.   There is not one government on this planet that has told the truth about this situation…except for the government of Iran. Iran told the world that it plans to rule supreme in the future…over all the earth. No one listened.  Just blowing hot wind, after all – the Middle East is so far away, how could someone who wears different clothes, prays in a Mosque,  treats women as inferior, ever be effective at such an outrageous claim?

Fast forward my friends. We live in an age of “Open borders.” We live in a world of mass communications, but none of the English-speaking world thinks that other languages are important, so they have no clue what the Muslims are saying to one another every day, loud and clear.  We live in a world where all people must be treated as equals (regardless of their qualifications or effort) …. except that some of the residents of this earth do not accept our value system. To them, there is no equality… only superiority. We believe in Co- Existence.  They do not. We delude ourselves that they “do not really mean what they say.” We live in a world that respects and expects that “truth” be told. But the enemy of our freedoms is a culture which respects results. And results are achieved through lies … built one atop of the other until their enemy stops questioning the lies, and accepts them as truths.  That works very well for the one who wishes to vanquish the other.  There is an irony here worth mentioning. Iran does not lie about its intents for world domination.  The do lie about almost everything else… such as their plans for their Nuclear program, their support of their Proxies, their cyber-attacks, and the list goes on and on.

Iran has been supplying vast sums of money , arms, missiles and leadership to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houtis, and to what evidently remains of ISIS (although we were told it was obliterated.) Those who actually care about global politics understand what a “proxy” is.  It is an arm of an octopus, which will do the work for the enormous head. It will kill its prey and the head will stay intact.  Iran has brilliantly created its armed forces outside of its own territory.  By their own admission, Hezbollah is their military wing… not Hamas.  This is why they allowed Hamas to self-destruct.  The great world powers actually know this. But they prefer not to acknowledge it… worse than that: they pretend it is just a “misunderstanding.”  President Obama famously said that Iran is not the problem…but part of the solution.  He was right. It is a major part of the solution if your goal is imposing Islam around the globe.  What is so astounding, is that Iran has never denied any of this. We in the West denied that they actually meant what they said.

This month, as a result of the barbaric attacks on more than 1,200 innocents sleeping in their beds in villages near the Gaza border, the world is beginning to take a look at the other disturbing  incidents happening . Suddenly there are hundreds of Muslim students on almost every major Western university campus.  Where did all the mosques come from in the Western cities? Did we not see them popping up with regularity? And of course, the West was very receptive to all the charitable non-profit  Muslim organizations to help the poor Palestinians …but whose money never seems to arrive at the promised destination. How can that be? Suddenly we realize the funds have been going to terror groups to buy weapons and missiles instead.

Iran NEVER said it was concerned about the Palestinian issue. It did use it to confuse the West as to what to prioritize. Sarit Zehavi coined a phrase which we must all remember: She explains that it is Iranian “strategic subversion.” Iran has never framed their issues with Israel as a part of their concern for some “Palestinian problem.” The other Arab nations took that approach, in order to distract the leaders of the free-democratic-nations from paying attention to Iran’s actual goals. Not one of the Arab nations cares one-whit about the Palestinians. They leave that to the “morality” of Western minds. How absurd is that?

Most Westerners never cared about Israel one way or the other, until Arab funding became so massive to US and European institutions, that the teaching agenda had to align with the Qatari and Saudi donors’ wishes.

The truth about Israel… is that Iran sees it as “Little America.” They constantly call America “the great Satan.” So Israel, they sweetly refer to as the “little Satan.”  They truly want to destroy both of us… and then the rest of the world will fall into place as well, from fear.  The problem for the world …and indeed for us in Israel… is that they want to be sure that Israel falls first, and then the United States will be next.  Allowing the Iranian nuclear program to go forward was the most insane decision ever made by any elected officials.

America doesn’t admit even today, just how much it is suffering from the Iranian proxies… from attacks on its military installation and forces abroad. The Houtis are firing missiles at American ships brought into the region to create a deterrent … one which apparently is not sufficient. D

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the JCPA- holds a frequent You Tube channel interview with persons of importance… who actually know fact from fiction here in the Middle East. Today’s guest was Sarit Zehavi from the ALMA Research and Education Center in the north of Israel. Her immediate concern is our northern border with Lebanon.  She has proof, as does the Israeli government, that the same training exercises were held on the northern border… test runs, to execute a mortal attack Israel and murder its civilians. It is known now that Iran decided for its own reasons, to allow Hamas to perpetrate the evil first. That does not by any stretch of the imagination, mean that there will not be an attempt to repeat the atrocities on our Northern border with Lebanon. That is why thousands of Israeli citizens have been told to leave their homes, forced  to become refugees in their own land, until the government of Israel can guarantee their safety.  Those who could not leave…or would not leave… or perhaps lived outside of the zone required to evacuate… say that they cannot sleep at night…awaiting another disaster on a different border…their own.   Ms. Zehavi is a political analyst and her specialty is Iran, and Lebanon, and the situation in the north of our country. She is extremely concerned.  This time, however, our troops are in place… some say 100,000 are ready for any attempted incursions. But we know the Arab mentality. They are prepared to wait until the time is right. If not today… tomorrow will be fine with them.

Ms. Zehavi explains: What is important for everyone in the world to understand is the following:- Arab “propaganda” is NOT a lie.  The West presumes that the threats that Iran and its satellites make… are “sabre rattling.” They are not.  Iran means exactly what they say clearly to the world community. In this regard, “they” are not the problem. We are the problem. Because we cannot fathom that they “really” want to kill an entire nation, then it must not be true.  We are the fools. They are evil, but they are not fools.  Iran plays the free world like its fiddle… and can afford to do so as long as its oil and gas lines are not disturbed … and have no competition.  But the approaching Abraham Accords threatened their guaranteed supremacy … and they wanted to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the process.  They did that with October 7th… in a way which will be recorded in human history as one of its darkest, most barbaric moments in the 21st century.  Truth be told, the Abraham accords will, by necessity, regroup and probably there will be little benefit to Iran in that regard.  Iran has left its Arab neighbors no choice but to unite with Israel… for one reason only.  Iran will invade them as well,  in their goal world-domination with their Caliphate.

Much of this I have written before, but never with this much passion or anger. There is no room for interpretation, waffling or avoidance any more.  The success of the Iranian plan is visible in every city in every democratic nation around the world. They did their homework…they are meticulous.  The vicious murderers on October 7th had maps of every kibbutz they entered. The knew who lived in each house… how many people to kill.  It is time to face the enemy because he is in place and you and your governments never even noticed.  Is this Islamaphobia? Well, if you will be happy being told that you must observe their religion, in their mosques, their schools, with their schoolbooks full of hate, and you will be content when women not only cannot get abortions, but will not be allowed to be seen in public without a Hijab covering them, will not be allowed to work or drive a car without a male escort… then you have nothing at all to fear.

Israel has much to be concerned about. Just as one hornet’s nest is cleaned out… others are waiting to swarm.  I suggest that everyone listen to the enclosed  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs program on You tube. It can be found at:

If after listening to it in its entirety, you feel that I am wrong… then I must apologize for taking your time. However, if you actually understand just how serious this is… don’t cower in a corner and hope it will go away. Meet with your government officials and let them know exactly what is at risk. It is a choice everyone must make. You are making decisions with action, or without it, for your grandchildren… and they will pay severely if you make the wrong decision.

Ultimately each of us must ask ourselves and our leaders one question which cannot be postponed; “Why is Iran not being held directly accountable for the acts that they pay for, for the deaths that they have caused, and for the evil that they pursue?  They are minutes away from nuclear capability. Just exactly what hope will there be for the free world when Iran has the ultimate power to support its goals?

We have many people to thank for the current political quagmire. Begin at the United Nations and then go down the entire list of those nations and institutions which support it. It is a long list of self-serving, irresponsible world leaders, who have brought us to this moment in time. There is no time for silence. It is in all of our hands… and it is now…or never.

About the Author
Born in the Washington DC area, Barbara has been a pro Israel activist for over four decades, having had a radio show in Jerusalem called "Barbara Diamond One on One" , doing in depth interviews which aired in Israel and in the UK. She participated in missions to the USSR to meet with Refuseniks, to Ethiopia with a medical team to help the Jewish villages and to China to open up relations prior to China recognizing the State of Israel, She has been pro-active lobbying congress and helping to start a Pro Israel PAC in Los Angeles. She stays involved through the Jerusalem Press Club attending up to the moment briefings which she would like to share with the readers. During the current war between Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houtis and Iran...she is publishing a weekly "Israel War Diary" in the Jewish Press and on 100 Pro-Israel Facebook groups. Ms. Diamond is the author of the new website - and is the 2018 recipient of the "StandWithUs"-Israel leadership award.
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